Aviation Department has Historic Week

The Aviation Department at SDC is flourishing now more than ever, which will continue as SDC students enter this high demand career fields. In February, SDC was visited by Mission Aviation Fellowship, AirCover and a US Air Force Predator pilot.On Tuesday, February 16, San Diego Christian (SDC) was visited by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), a Christian group dedicated to reaching the isolated people of the world. MAF flights support indigenous churches and local evangelists,create access to medical care, provide disaster relief, and make community development projects possible in some of the most remote places on earth. This partnership allows SDC pilots to serve with an organization to provide relief around the world.

On Wednesday, February 17, President / CEO of AirCover and Director at Texas based ACCS International James Hill joined SDC’s Aviation Chair Dr. John Marselus in presenting SDC with its first unmanned aerial system, a Group I QuadRotor 425 Series for first responders, which will make up a new concentration in the SDC Aviation Department. Unmanned Aerial Systems is a rising innovation in aviation, which many have likened to the tremendous change gas turbine engines brought to aviation over a half century ago. SDC will be trailblazing the way with this new partnership, and students will be trained on the use of these systems, which range from emergency services to uses in agriculture and oil. Hill stated during the presentation of the new drone that “this is just the beginning from AirCover and there is more to come as a second system will arrive soon.”

On Thursday, February 18, a professional United States Air Force Predator pilot spoke to Aviation students about his career. The aviator desired to educate students on some of the more detailed parts of this Aviation field. Students were fascinated with the professional insight from someone who was working such an important job in their field and simultaneously putting his trust in the Lord. In an interview the aviator said, “The things that Dr. Marselus is doing are top notch, [he] knows his stuff… and this school is blessed to have him.”

The Aviation Department at SDC is flourishing now more than ever, which will continue as SDC students enter the high demand career fields in which they are being prepared to serve. The future is bright for this program and the students are rising to the occasion as the bar is being set even higher to better prepare them to serve the Lord with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength in the profession of aviation.

The Aviation Department has four emphases students can focus on during their studies: missionary aviation, commercial aviation, military aviation, and unmanned aerial systems. Additionally, adult students can study Aviation Management through an online format. Visit www.sdcc.edu to find out more information.