SDC Penny Prayers & Convocation

On Monday, August 29, 2016, SDC staff and faculty welcomed new and returning students to kick-off the new academic year with Penny Prayers tradition and Convocation.

One of the highlights from the weekend was the “SDC Penny Prayers” tradition. SDC has a beautiful waterfall fountain in front of the campus and student’s tossed a 2016 penny into the fountain while saying a prayer for their academic, spiritual and social journey at SDC that will forever impact their lives.

On Wednesday, SDC held the annual Convocation. This special occasion recognizes the diligence of our faculty in contributory elements in their discipline as well as highlights the promotions of faculty. This year Dr. Elizabeth Stanton was promoted to Associate Professor of Psychology and Prof. Jenna Wlasiuk was promoted to Assistant Professor of Kinesiology. SDC also welcomed our new faculty member, Dr. Rick Roof, who will be the point person for the Leadership & Justice major in his faculty role. Convocation is set apart from our normal chapel experience as the faculty deliver pomp and circumstance as they march into the service with full regalia. The Performing Arts Department offered an upbeat rendition of “I’ll Fly Away” with Terry Hendricks, Amanda Hyden, Larry Wilson, and Janie D’Avignon leading faculty, staff, and students in the chorus.

The message of Convocation was brought by Dr. Jon DePriest under the title, Academically Equipped: What Could Go Wrong? The focus of the message centered on the “A” portion of our strategic A-B-C objectives in that SDC seeks to deliver a whole person, biblically integrated degree within every academic department. Using 1 Corinthians 2 as his main text, Dr. DePriest identified the biblical framework of a truly Christian education. In order to solicit participation from students, the “what could go wrong” portion came under a chapel rendition of “Family Feud.” Looking at both academic and non-academic factors that can hinder student success, several elements of warning established a picture where a commitment to a vibrant spiritually focused life was deemed essential for academic progress. In all, the faculty were honored and students were invited to share in the learning experience with the faculty to allow God to make this an important year of growth and development.