SDC Professor Marc Hutchins’ Film Premiers

SDC Department of Communication is thrilled to announce the release of Adjunct Film and Media Professor Marc Hutchins’ latest film, “Crossing Streets,” which premiers September 16 on is a subscription-based video streaming service presenting almost 5,000 family-friendly and faith-based film titles, documentaries, TV series, and children’s shows.

The movie made its debut in Virginia last year and has since been shown in six film festivals, receiving several awards. The plot of the film revolves around the unlikely partnership between a detective and a priest who try to solve a gang-related killing and, ultimately, prevent an all-out gang war in their community. The movie’s cast includes a mix of local and professional actors.

Dr. Lisa Dunne, chair of the Department of Communication, says that Professor Hutchins’ film provides a significant role model for SDC students. ”Seeing our professors actively engage in the medium of film is a powerful inspiration for our film students,” she said. “Professor Hutchins’ goal is to produce family-friendly dramas that connect viewers to a redemptive storyline.

Alexander Films, Hutchins’ production company, specializes in family films, with proceeds going to local charities, including Straight Street Roanoke Valley. Straight Street was founded in 1994 to help meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of teenagers, assisting children of inmates, homeless students, teenage mothers and others needing positive mentoring and support.