SDC Volunteers Make a Difference

On November 1, 2016, SDC was honored by the Santee School District for all our efforts at the Santee Success Program (SSP). Santee Success is a short-term placement program provided by the School Board to assist at risk students with the goal of returning the students to stream main schools.

Students who attend Santee Success are placed there through various means, such as poor grades, but most are being given a second chance at succeeding in the Santee School District. SSP uses a “positive peer culture” and “thinking errors” to teach the students the correct way to handle the different trials they may face.

Santee success program is one of ten schools in the Santee School District. SSP has one Assistant Superintendent, one Principal, one Teacher, one Counselor and one Teaching Assistant. Though a small staff, it is incredible to see how much of an influence they have on their students.

In the last couple of years, SDC students have interacted with the students at Santee Success through various cooking classes, physical activities, poetry, SDC graduation gift bags and most recently a large garden work project during the IMPACT conference. The staff welcome SDC Hawks gladly because of the positive influence our students have on their students.