Welcome to online learning at San Diego Christian. Each course is presented in a learning module using innovative online instructional strategies allowing students the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

The online environment allows flexibility. You can access your course work and submit assignments on your time schedule; a challenge for many students is organizing and managing their time in order to complete work by specified due dates. Make use of your calendar and mark all your due dates for your class. Stay in close contact with your instructor to help you clarify any confusion regarding course assignments, and have a back-up plan - some place to do your assignments if your computer fails.

The SDC staff is available to help and support you as you launch your learning adventure. We look forward to partnering with you to provide opportunities for you to deepen your faith-based values while preparing to impact the world for Christ.

Business Management
The Business Management major focuses on the skills needed for general supervision and management in a fast-paced global economy. The business curriculum prepares a student, both academically and spiritually, to make an impact for Christ in business leadership. For a list of courses, click here.

Christian Ministries
The Christian Ministries program will provide students with knowledge and skills in the various areas of ministry opportunities within the Christian community. The program is designed to highlight leadership, Bible and theology, as well as other ministry elements such as worship, education, evangelism, counseling, and discipleship. For a list of courses, click here.

Human Development
The Human Development program is designed to meet a growing need for professionals in the fields of counseling, social services, education, human resources, and child care management. Throughout the curriculum, students will learn the theories, concepts, and foundational elements that will equip them to enter in a number of related careers. The integration of biblical truths and principles, along with the guidance and instruction of professors, will ensure academic development along with spiritual and social growth. For a list of courses, click here.

Starting Your Degree
Want to get your degree, but aren't sure what you'd like to get it in? Get started with General Education Courses. For a list of courses, click here.

For more information or to be contacted by an enrollment specialist, click here.

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