Academic Petition

Used to petition for changes or exceptions to be made to academic program or policy. These changes/exceptions include, but are not limited to: challenge exam, directed research, independent study, incomplete/time extension, excessive absences, overload, declare or change major/minor/ concentration, class substitution, outside coursework approval.

Program Change Form

Students officially enrolled in the Adult Professional Studies (APS) programs must notify the APS Office of any changes to enrollment status. This form must be filled out if you intend to skip one or more courses and return the same semester.

Financial Aid Appeal/Academic Plan

Students are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.00 to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress. Student progress toward completing a degree is evaluated at the end of each semester and is reflected on the student’s transcript. If you are academically dismissed and woulld like to appeal, use this form.

Departure Form

Required for students who are planning to discontinue attendance at SDC due to graduation, completion of program, or official withdrawal. Student must fill out and obtain the necessary signatures listed on the form prior to departure.

Official Transcript Request

In order to obtain official copies of a transcript, the student must submit a signed transcript request form and fee payment to the Registrar's Office. Unofficial transcripts may be printed from Empower Web.

Petition to Graduate

Used to indicate a senior’s intention to graduate within the next two semesters.

Please return all completed forms to your Student Success Coach.