Shelby Hull (‘14)

Business Major, Father, Professional, School Board Member and Graduate of SDC

Shelby Hull, Adult & Professional Studies 2014 Commencement Speaker, has attended SDC for the past four years studying Business Management. The APS program is unique in providing a learning environment best conducive for adult learners who have taken the reverse path of entering the professional world prior to gaining a college degree. When they enter the classroom, either online or on ground, the information they receive informs their role in the workplace offering them a hands on approach to their learning.

For Shelby, the situation was the same. Prior to attending SDC, he had worked as a truck driver into his early twenties and was able to work himself up the ladder to becoming a highly respected technical sales and business development professional. He has continued to work while going to school. He oversees the Southern California area for Oldcastle Precast. Oldcastle Precast is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete in the U.S.

Shelby began seeking his degree at SDC when he found himself in a position at work, that if he had applied for his own position, would no longer be hired due to a lack of a college degree. Several of his colleagues all hold civil engineering degrees and advanced degrees in business administration. Shelby states, “Because I held the same position as my educated colleagues and was compensated equally, I really believed that God had advanced me and given me a unique opportunity. With that , I needed to get my education level up to par with my employment level.”

With the immediate accessibility of accessing information through the world wide web and current trends in higher education revealing rising tuition costs, it is easy to question whether a college degree remains to have as much value as it once did. Shelby’s situation provides evidence that a college degree is valuable in today’s workplace. Shelby has been able to utilize and integrate his education in every aspect of his career. Shelby expressed, “When you can influence others internally and externally who do not report directly to you, to achieve specific tasks you require of them, you understand and have implemented key SDC business principles”.

Now, with a college degree soon to be in hand, Shelby has high goals for his future and how he wishes to impact the next generation. “My first goal is to spend as much time with my family as possible; they have all sacrificed for me to complete my degree. From there, I plan to utilize my gifts, talents and experience (good and bad) to challenge and influence fathers and future fathers to get right with God, stay married and raise healthy families.” Shelby seeks to fulfill this goal through being a role model and mentor for young men, as well as participate in speaking engagements and writing books.

If he could give any advice to others who have been working in the corporate world, but haven’t completed their degree, it would be to pursue an education in order to move up the ladder to your desired level of employment. In addition, Shelby expresses how he was able to receive more from his college experience due to his background and being “immersed in current technologies, the latest thought processes and business practices.” The application was immediate for Shelby and evident in his ability to purchase and sell two homes, travel all over the country as a professional, serve as a school board member and most importantly, be the father and sole provider for his wife and three sons. “The key is to begin with the vision of accomplishing your goal, and to keep that end result consistently on your mind until you achieve it.”

Watch Shelby speak at the 2014 commencement!

Ellenwood, GA Resident Graduates from San Diego Christian College

Sonya D. Fields of Ellenwood, GA graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management at San Diego Christian College’s 42nd commencement ceremony, held on May 17, 2014. In addition, Sonya completed a senior capstone, titled “What role does the support of family wealth play when Americans apply for home loans?”

Sonya plans to continue working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Atlanta, Georgia where she will attend Ohio Christian University to pursue her Masters Degree in Business Management after graduation.