Assistant Professor of Science & Laboratory Manager

Classification: Full Time (August-May)

Direct Supervisor:   Chair, Science Department


About San Diego Christian College:

San Diego Christian is a religious, non-profit organization (501c3) registered in the state of California. It is our mission to educate and inspire students through the truth of Scripture and the development of competencies that prepare graduates whose purpose is to impact the world. Every employee of SDC has a responsibility within their role to carry out and uphold this mission, in professional, spiritual, relational, and moral/ethical parameters as laid out in the Employee Handbook.

All employees understand and agree with the Doctrinal Statement. Each employee understands that the Doctrinal Statement, through the tenets explained in it, are based on the truth of the Bible. All employees of SDC support the position, and all programs of SDC are based on it.



San Diego Christian College, as an academic and learning community, aims to prepare academically equipped, culturally and globally involved graduates with a biblical worldview and godly character to serve God. The lab allows the college to fulfill its mission of equipping students academically by providing hands-on laboratory experience and instruction involving a wide variety of laboratory skills to all of our students.

Laboratory Manager


  • Ongoing development of lab benchmarks to equip students as future graduates transitioning to employment or post graduate programs.
  • Ongoing review and recommendation of changes in current lab text books and library resources that can facilitate necessary assignments or understanding.
  • Acquisition of necessary chemicals, supplies and equipment in a timely manner to provide for scheduled labs.
  • Understand and operate all machinery in the lab and provide appropriate cleaning and maintenance to insure longevity.
  • Establish systems, protocols or policy to ensure the safety of all utilizing the lab.
  • Documenting and reporting of all safety incidences.
  • Tracking of supplies and equipment through inventory updated annually in March to insure timely ordering of necessary supplies for the next school year.
  • Documentation of all orders and receipt of those orders on an excel document.
  • Obtaining and maintaining all registrations and government/county related expectations for a functioning lab.
  • Scheduling for the lab Teacher Assistants (TAs) and instructions and monitoring hours of workload, assisting as needed in special labs with larger class sizes, proctoring exams etc.
  • Maintain the lab manual.
  • Provide specific sessions as needed with the TAs to ensure orientation, quality control and proper & safe utilization of the lab.
  • New TA evaluation of instruction within the first month of hire and annual evaluation of all lab instructors.
  • Oversight and direction of lab TAs reporting to Student Life Director and the Chair of the department as needed.
  • Maintain the lab in a clean and organized manner with proper disposal/code of all sharps and bio hazardous materials.


Assistant Professor


  • Primary instructor for a minimum of 4 labs and 2 lecture courses (subject & number may vary with year/semester/course).
  • Provide coverage of lab sessions vacated by an emergency.
  • Insure all equipment is utilized in an appropriate and safe way
  • Maintain school and specific department policies


How to Apply

Download and complete the Employment Application and Community Covenant.

(If the PDF application will not open in your browser, right mouse click and ‘save link as’ or’ save target as’ to download the application PDF to your computer)

Submit your resume with references.

Email the above information to with the subject field being, “Assistant Professor of Science & Laboratory Manager.”