Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach


The Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach will represent San Diego Christian College in a Christ-like and professional manner at all times while furthering the growth of the student-athlete and Athletic Department.


Scope of Role

Under the general supervision of the Head Coach and Athletic Director,

  • Furthers the growth of the Athletic Department.
  • Furthers the growth of the student-athlete in the basic exceptions of a student-athlete representing San Diego Christian College.
  • Directs the total program.
  • Knows the liability regulations of taking on the responsibility of coaching.
  • Follows all policies of the Athletic program regarding participation of the student-athlete.
  • Is responsible for all stats of the individual student-athlete and the total program, while working in conjunction with the Head Coach and SID.
  • Knows and teaches all skills necessary for the student-athlete to master the skills of the games.
  • Manages budgets as assigned, including (but not limited to) sport budget, fund-raised budget, and scholarship budget.
  • Maintains order and cleanliness in the locker room, office, practice area and playing area.
  • At the end of the season, is responsible for all equipment, including uniforms.
  • Performs any other job-related tasks deemed necessary and/or assigned by the Head Coach and/or Athletic Director.

Key Responsibilities

(Major and minor tasks-Those tasks proceeded by an asterisk (*) are absolutely essential functions of the job and must be performed satisfactorily with or without reasonable accommodations.)


Assistant Coaches are responsible for all items listed and held to the same standard as items are delegated from the Head Coach or Athletic Director.


Before Season

  • Formulates objectives for the coming sport season.
  • *Keeps abreast of new ideas and techniques by attending clinics and workshops and encouraging the assistant coaches to do the same.
  • *Be knowledgeable of rules and regulations concerning his/her sport, both NAIA and GSAC.
  • *Keeps abreast of rule changes in his/her sport.
  • *Attends all coaches meetings; GSAC, NAIA, and SDCC as assigned.
  • Work with the head coach, athletic director and SID as it relates to competition schedules and tournaments.
  • Obtain a California Class B drivers license for 15-passenger van travel.
  • Implements proper procedures for out-of- season practices according to NAIA and GSAC guidelines.
  • Inventories, selects, and cares for and maintains equipment.
  • *Recruit future student-athletes for your program.
  • Facilitates all scholarships for his/her sport as they relate to incoming student-athletes, as assigned by head coach.
  • Keeps in constant contact with recruits, as assigned by head coach.
  • *Schedules a pre-season evaluation with the head coach.
  • Assists the athletic director as needed.


During Season

  • *Schedule all transportation and travel for away competitions.
  • *Assist with all games management.
  • Assists assistant athletic director for eligibility in compiling eligibility lists and other reports.
  • *Attends all coaches meetings; GSAC, NAIA, and SDCC as assigned.
  • *Files a discipline report with the head coach and athletic director when applicable.
  • *Directly supervises or designates a supervisor, of all practices and games, who shall lock up all facilities, and survey area at the close of each practice or contest.
  • Follows proper van/bus procedures.
  • *Schedules a mid-season evaluation with the head coach.
  • *Submit all checks requests, as assigned by the head coach.
  • *Recruit future student-athletes for your program.
  • *Assists the head coach and SID with web site information, weekly reports, nominations, and other information related to promoting the program and school.
  • Promotes academic success in the classroom as well as athletic success.


After Season

  • Arranges for the immediate return of all school equipment and holds the student-athlete responsible for all equipment not returned.
  • *Attends all coaches meetings; GSAC, NAIA, and SDCC as assigned.
  • *Assist the head coach in inventory of all equipment and submits a written copy of such inventory to the athletic director (within 2 weeks following the season)
  • *Schedules a post-season evaluation with the head coach.
  • *Recruit future student-athletes for your program.
  • Maintains records of team and individual accomplishments, as assigned by the head coach.
  • Evaluates past season.



  • Spiritual/Philosophy
    • Must be a practicing Christian.
    • Must accept the philosophy of San Diego Christian College.
  • Performance Requirements
    • Responsibility
      • Must be able to meet the job duties listed.
      • Be responsible for the total program.
    • Job Knowledge
      • Have significant expertise in the field with a minimum of 1 year experience verified by resume or recommendations.
    • Mental Demands 
      • Must be able to maintain a flow of work under influx of problems.
      • Maintain a positive attitude in all situations.
      • Needs initiative and judgment in handling student-athletes and emerging situations.
      • Proficiency in communication skills with students-athletes, parents, alumni, and supporters.
    • Physical Demands
      • Must be in good physical condition.
      • Must be able to drive a van.
    • Working Conditions
      • General coach’s office
      • Athletic fields
      • Gym
      • Weight room


Education and Experience:

  • Must have a Bachelors degree.
  • Must have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience as an Assistant Coach at the college level or 3-5 years of experience as a high school varsity head coach.
  • Possess a B Driver’s License.
  • Participation in the sport supported by documentation/recommendation.


  • Assistant Coaching positions are a part-time stipend position. Assistant Coaches are not expected to post and hold office hours.
  • This job specification should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards of the position. The Assistant Coach will follow any other instructions and perform any other related duties, as may be required by the supervisor.
  • Essential functions of the job are those tasks preceded by an asterisk which identify those functions of the job that must be performed satisfactorily with or without reasonable accommodations. This is not to say that the other items can be ignored, as they are also the responsibility of the coaching staff.
  • Essential Physical/Mental requirements include must be able to talk, listen, sit, stand, travel long or short distances, communicate, read, write, and understand directions.


How to Apply

Download and complete the Employment Application and Community Covenant.

(If the PDF application will not open in your browser, right mouse click and ‘save link as’ or’ save target as’ to download the application PDF to your computer)  

Submit your resume with references.

Email the above information to hr@sdcc.edu with the subject field being, “Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach.”