Online Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Management

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As a premier aviation school in San Diego, San Diego Christian provides students with a Christian education that prepares them for leadership positions within the fields of aviation and transportation. This degree program is also offered on campus or in a hybrid format.

SDC’s Online Aviation Management degree program is designed to balance important business acumen with the necessary coursework in aviation.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to take interesting and informative courses such as History and Foundation of Aviation (AVT 121), which is a study of the origins and development of the aviation industry. This course includes a study of the earliest accounts of man’s desire to fly, a historical review of aircraft and industry developments from the Wright Brothers to the latest military, missionary and commercial aircraft.

SDC helps students achieve their goals by offering a variety of course options, strategic initiatives focused on graduate success, a well-respected Christian college faculty, and a faith-based learning environment.

To learn more about SDC’s Aviation Management degree in San Diego, and why our flexible on- or off-campus program would be the perfect choice for you, fill out the form on this page!

  • AVT 121 – History and Foundation of Aviation
  • AVT 221 – Aviation Transportation & Safety
  • AVT 340 – Managing the Airport Environment
  • AVT 405 – Aviation Law
  • BMGT 435 – Leadership and Organizational Change
  • BMGT 460 – Human Resource Management
  • BMGT 475 – Financial Analysis in Organizations
  • PD 340 – Adult Development and Life Planning
  • PHIL 492 – Value and Ethics
  • SCI 302 – Scientific Models of Origins
  • BI 391 – Biblical Perspectives
  • BI 392 – Servant Leadership
  • BI 393 – Historical Perspectives of the Gospels
  • PHIL 450 – Critical & Creative Thinking
  • RSH 495B – Applied Statistics
  • RSH 495A/C – Capstone

Cost Per Credit


Course Length

5 weeks

Degree Credits


Degree Length

4 years


  • Airline Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Federal Department of Transportation
  • Aircraft Manufacturer
  • Aviation Director