Online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries

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San Diego Christian’s online Christian Ministries degree was created give students the knowledge and skillset to succeed on the ministry path of their choosing. The program highlights leadership, theology, worship, and other faith-based elements. This degree program is offered online, on campus or in a hybrid format.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to take interesting and informative courses such as Worship (CM 340) which is a study of worship focusing on the contrasts of true, false, and vain worship as seen in a survey of biblical examples from the Old and New Testaments. Emphasis is placed on the development of creativity and balance in the corporate worship experience.

SDC helps students achieve their goals by offering a variety of course options, strategic initiatives focused on graduate success, a well-respected Christian college faculty, and a faith-based learning environment.

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  • PD 430 – Adult Development and Life Planning
  • CM 310 – Biblical Foundations for Ministry
  • CM 320 – Evangelism & the 21st Century Church
  • CM 330 – Communication for Ministry
  • CM 340 – Worship
  • CM 410 – Nurture and Discipleship
  • CM 440 – Counseling for Church Leaders
  • TH 310 – Contemporary Issues in Theology
  • PHIL 492 – Values and Ethics
  • SCI 302 – Scientific Models of Origins
  • BI 391 – Biblical Perspectives
  • BI 392 – Servant Leadership
  • BI 393 – Historical Perspectives of the Gospels
  • PHIL 450 – Critical & Creative Thinking
  • RSH 495B – Applied Statistics
  • RSH 495A/C – Capstone

Cost Per Credit


Course Length

5 weeks

Degree Credits


Degree Length

4 years

Christian Ministries Career Options

  • Campus Minister
  • Missionary
  • College Professor
  • Religious Researcher
  • Faith-based Non-Profit Director

“I had wanted to go back to school for a number of years to finish my degree. Really, the degree would be secondary to the actual learning and purposeful study that would combine the course work with faith and God’s word. God planted a seed in my heart to learn and help others do the same. I was blessed in a big way to be able to get that and much more through my studies in the Christian Ministries and Leadership Degree. Is there a more important direction to lead others than toward Christ? The walk on graduation day will be a continuation of the walk I began two years ago with the APS staff at San Diego Christian College. Thank you for believing in me and supporting others like me. You are equipping us to go into the world and lead.”

Ron Owen
Christian Ministries