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The B.A. in Communication at San Diego Christian is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the nature of human communication. By examining the effects communication bears on culture, the online Communication degree at SDC prepares graduates for a variety of professions. This degree program is offered online, on campus or in a hybrid format.

SDC’s online degree in Communication prepares students to assume leadership positions inside their respective organizations. The course offerings are interdisciplinary in nature, and draw from humanities, social sciences, and fine arts.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to take interesting and informative courses such as Broadcast Journalism (COM 435) which is an introduction to the field of broadcast journalism, including radio, television, and online productions. Students will gain practical experience through writing and recording interviews, narratives, and news.

SDC helps students achieve their goals by offering a variety of course options, strategic initiatives focused on graduate success, a well-respected Christian college faculty, and a faith-based learning environment.

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  • PD 340 – Adult Development and Life Planning
  • COM 301 – Mass Communication
  • COM 302 – Media Socialization & Persuasion
  • COM 340 – Organizational Communication & Leadership
  • COM 412 – Communication and the Law
  • COM 435 – Broadcast Journalism
  • ICS 305 – Intercultural Communication
  • PHIL 492 – Values and Ethics
  • SCI 302 – Scientific Models of Origins
  • BI 391 – Biblical Perspectives
  • BI 392 – Servant Leadership
  • BI 393 – Historical Perspectives of the Gospels
  • PHIL 450 – Critical & Creative Thinking
  • RSH 495B – Applied Statistics
  • RSH 495A/C – Capstone

Cost Per Credit


Course Length

5 weeks

Degree Credits


Degree Length

4 years

Communication Career Options

  • Public Relations
  • Editorial Director
  • Brand Strategist
  • Media Director
  • VP of Communications