Online Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Development

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Alumni Success

Designed to meet the growing need for Christian professionals in careers such as counseling, social services, and human resources, the online Human Resource Development degree program at San Diego Christian prepares graduates to help others in need. This degree program is offered online, on campus or in a hybrid format.

SDC’s Bachelor of Arts in Human Development degree in San Diego gives graduates the interpersonal skills needed to become impactful, necessary beacons of hope within their communities.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to take interesting and informative courses such as Life Span Development (HD 364) which is a study of human growth and development through the life cycle. Consideration of physical, emotional, cognitive, social, moral, spiritual, and personality development will be included.

SDC helps students achieve their goals by offering a variety of course options, strategic initiatives focused on graduate success, a well-respected Christian college faculty, and a faith-based learning environment.

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  • PD 340 – Adult Development and Life Planning
  • PSY 201 – Introduction to Psychology
  • HD 364 – Life Span Development
  • HD 380 – Motivation and Learning
  • HD 460 – Transition Loss and Death
  • HD 463 – Counseling Theory
  • HD 470 – Crisis Intervention
  • PHIL 492 – Values and Ethics
  • SCI 302 – Scientific Models of Origins
  • BI 391 – Biblical Perspectives
  • BI 392 – Servant Leadership
  • BI 393 – Historical Perspectives of the Gospels
  • PHIL 450 – Critical & Creative Thinking
  • RSH 495B – Applied Statistics
  • RSH 495A/C – Capstone

Cost Per Credit


Course Length

5 weeks

Degree Credits


Degree Length

4 years

Human Development Career Options

  • Human Resources Professional
  • Crisis Center Staff
  • Early Childhood Center Director
  • Employment Interviewer/Recruiter
  • Youth Advocate

“As a wife and working mother of two young children, going back to school seemed like only a dream.  Although after entering, the doors of San Diego Christian College my view began to change.  From the first day, the staff at SDCC began showing me how the Adult Professional Studies Program could work for me.  With classes meeting in the evening and only once a week, I began to see my dream coming to life, and I wanted that degree more than ever.

While my goal from the beginning was to earn my degree, I soon learned that I was gaining much more than my degree from SDCC.  Through each class, I learned more about myself, gained friendships that will last a lifetime, and most importantly grew in my walk as a Christian.  I believe that all of these combined with the wealth of academic knowledge taught by each professor, I am now better prepared for what the future may hold.

Looking back at graduation day, I anxiously awaited my turn to cross the stage.  I remember thinking while the road was not always smooth; it was always filled with caring people who wanted me to succeed at my dream.  Many of these people were the staff and friends that I had the pleasure of being with every Tuesday night.

My experience at SDCC is not one that I will soon forget.  It has made an impression not only on my academic career but on my life as a whole.”

Kim Swadley
Human Development