Online Bachelor of Science in Business Management

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Alumni Success

Developed to cultivate the skills and abilities necessary to manage and supervise, the online business degree at San Diego Christian allows graduates to make an immediate impact in their professional organization. This degree program is also offered on campus or in a hybrid format.

By utilizing a Christ-centered approach to education, SDC’s Online Business Management degree program prepares individuals for both the professional and spiritual challenges of management and supervision.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to take interesting and informative courses such as Communication Concepts in Business (BMGT 351), which is a study of areas related to communications, including creating presentations, oral and written communication techniques.

SDC helps students achieve their goals by offering a variety of course options, strategic initiatives focused on graduate success, a well-respected Christian college faculty, and a faith-based learning environment.

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  • PD 430 – Adult Development and Life Planning
  • COM 340 – Organizational Communication and Leadership
  • BMGT 395 – Marketing Foundation
  • BMGT 435 – Leadership and Organizational Change
  • BMGT 460 – Human Resource Management
  • BMGT 475 – Financial Analysis in Organizations
  • BMGT 351 – Communication Concepts in Business
  • PHIL 492 – Values and Ethics
  • SCI 302 – Scientific Models of Origins
  • BI 391 – Biblical Perspectives
  • BI 392 – Servant Leadership
  • BI 393 – Historical Perspectives of the Gospels
  • PHIL 450 – Critical & Creative Thinking
  • RSH 495B – Applied Statistics
  • RSH 495A/C – Capstone

Cost Per Credit


Course Length

5 weeks

Degree Credits


Degree Length

4 years

Business Administration Career Opportunities

  • Office Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Human Resource Generalist
  • Sales Management

“I’ve accomplished many things throughout my life from motorcycle racing as a boy, to jumping out of airplanes as a young man in the 82nd Airborne Division, to running marathons as an adult. But all of these accomplishments pale in comparison to achieving my greatest goal; graduating from San Diego Christian College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management at the age of 45.

Was I nervous going back to school at such an advanced age? You bet I was. In fact, I was no less nervous than I was when racing motorcycles or jumping out of airplanes. But God has called us to do great things – He has called us to live Godly lives in a secular world.

That is the beauty of SDCC. As an adult student in the Adult Professional Studies program you learn relevant, real-world knowledge taught from a Biblical perspective by Godly professors. Students literally take knowledge gained in evening class and put it to use the very next day in the workplace. It does not get any more relevant than that.

Businesses today are looking for men and women who have the courage to live moral and ethically sound lives in the face of an ever-changing global economy in which too many individuals often choose to do the wrong thing. Businesses are hungry for Godly leaders who make right choices.

And now, the choice is yours. Choose to maximize your potential. Choose to fulfill your dreams. Choose to let your light shine in the world. Choose SDCC.”


Frank Wilbourn
Business Management