San Diego Christian College offers more than 35 undergraduate majors and concentrations. For example, you can pursue marketing as an emphasis in the business major. All major classes are supplemented by general education while integrating a biblical worldview.

Each department sponsors co-curricular events and activities associated with the academic disciplines they support. Some programs are designed just for students in the department majors. Others are open to the entire campus and provide an excellent opportunity for those undeclared students to explore degree options.

As an SDC student, you can pursue an education in the following programs:

Master Schedules & Degree Audits for 2017-2018

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Biblical Studies

  • Intercultural Studies
  • Bible Exposition
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Minor

Biological Science

  • General Biology
  • Pre-Med
  • Secondary Education
  • Minor

Business Administration

  • Marketing
  • Global Business
  • Minor


  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Minor
  • Film and Media Studies


  • Literature
  • Education
  • Writing
  • Minor

Interdisciplinary Studies

Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science

  • Teaching/Coaching
  • Pre Physical Therapy
  • Pre Occupational Therapy

Leadership and Justice

  • Criminal Justice
  • Political Science
  • Homeland Security
  • Minor

Liberal Studies

  • Teacher Credential Program SB 2042 California Preliminary Credential for Multiple Subjects or Single Subjects
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching


  • General Psychology
  • Counseling
  • Minor


The San Diego Christian Experience

There are three areas of academic study required for a student to graduate from SDC. Each student’s journey to graduation will look different, but they all will have a few similarities:

General Education

General education courses will prepare you with an academic foundation in several disciplines, including math, science, english, history, language, communications, and fine arts. Depending on the chosen major, a student must complete approximately 62 units of general education courses.

Biblical Studies Courses

Biblical Studies courses will strengthen your personal faith and equip you intellectually to articulate your worldview. Each SDC student completes approximately 9 units of biblical studies and 9 units of electives. Students are also required to complete 30 hours of student ministry per semester and attend two chapels a week.

Major Courses

Major courses will give you the foundational knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to succeed in your chosen career. SDC offers more than 13 different majors — and several emphases within majors — each with its own distinct requirements.

Each degree program is built on the foundation of a biblical worldview, and structured around a core of general education competencies. Programs are designed to provide a balance between theory and practice, nurturing knowledge and skills that will prepare graduates for the world beyond SDC. Service learning and internship opportunities encourage students to apply their learning as they respond to the call on their lives to serve Christ in all things.


Study Abroad

Make the World your Classroom

San Diego Christian offers students unique and life-changing learning opportunities among other cultures as well as here in the U.S. SDC believes these experiences will challenge your thinking, broaden your horizon, and strengthen your faith.

How it Works

All undergraduate students who are in good standing with SDC and are in their junior or senior years are welcome to study abroad. SDC is affiliated with off-campus programs that host students during their time abroad. The off-campus program sends the student’s transcripts to SDC’s Registrar Office for review, and the grades earned are calculated into the student’s SDC GPA. Program directors review the transcripts and apply grades to the courses as appropriate and award your credit for the equivalent SDC course.

And the Money?

In most cases, off-campus programs cost the same as on-campus tuition, room and board. Students may still qualify for financial aid.

Getting Started

Schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor within your major.

Learn more about Study Abroad Programs and find out which program fits you best.

Aletheia Honors Program

The San Diego Christian Aletheia Honors Program engages high-achieving, active learners in academic discourse toward aletheia (unveiled truth) with prominent global scholars, applying scholarly learning to contemporary issues from a biblical worldview.

The Aletheia Honors Program is built upon a foundation of historic writings that have shaped human understanding across multiple disciplines and cultures. The program structure begins with a cohort of learners and is shaped by an interdisciplinary focus that challenges students to connect classroom learning with real world issues.

Aletheia Honors students will be taught in a collaborative learning community together with faculty mentors as support. The program design is intended to foster transformative learning and encourage excellence in students as developing scholars. In a curriculum structured around the dynamic voices of global cultures, students will engage in research pursuits, explore a variety of leadership opportunities, and impact the wider community through service and ministry.


$4,000 per year (renewable for up to 4 years)