$1,000 to 50% of Tuition (renewable for up to 4 years)

Who Should Apply?

Academically high-achieving incoming freshmen who desire to be challenged further in their thinking within a cohort of like-minded learners are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Request Information

Entry Requirement

GPA: 3.5

Test Scores: 1050 or 24 (ACT)

Application Requirements

Application to SDC

Application to Honors Program – Including 500 word essay on “The Value of Christian Scholarship”

Academic Recommendation (online or print)

High School Transcript

Test Scores

Application Deadlines

Key Dates for February 24, 2017:

February 3, 2017 – Deadline to apply for the Honors Program

February 10, 2017- Selected students will receive an invitation to the Honors Program Scholarship Day

February 17, 2017 – Deadline to RSVP to Admissions Office

February 24, 2017 – Honors Program Scholarship Day

Date TBD, 2017 – Students will be notified of their scholarship award

Upon the receipt of a completed Aletheia Honors Program application file (application, academic recommendation, High School transcript and SAT/ACT scores), a member of the Honors Faculty will select prominent readings for the student to analyze in preparation for a phone interview.

The final step of the cohort invitation process is a face-to-face interview during one of our scheduled scholarship days. Invitations to join the Aletheia Honors Program will be sent out from admissions following the event date.

“The Aletheia Honors Program offers an engaging classroom opportunity for student scholars seeking a rigorous,

but rewarding academic experience.

Through discussion-based cohort models,

students will pursue academic excellence that empowers them to make

contributions of value in the campus and community.”

– Lisa Dunne, Ph.D., Director, Aletheia Honor

Course of Study

The Aletheia Honors program at SDC is an opportunity for first-time freshmen that are enrolling at SDC in the fall semester. Students in the SDC Honors Program will complete their general education requirements as part of a cohort. They will complete a majority of units in their freshman and sophomore years, continuing into their junior and senior years as a cohort. All coursework required for the Honors program must be taken at SDC regardless of previous college coursework that may have been completed by the student. Some previous coursework may be transferrable as elective credit depending on the student’s major and emphasis.

Freshman Year

Integration of world literature and honors composition (6 units), integration of world history and Christian worldview (6 units), and Old and New Testament surveys with applied learning applications (6 units). Students should also complete their math and physical science requirement.

Sophomore Year

Integration of literary studies and oral communication (6 units), integration of U.S. History with economics including applied learning applications (6 units), and the integration of biology/lab with scientific study of origins (7 units).

Junior Year

Integration of theology with world religions including applied learning applications (6 units) and an integrated survey of social structures and the fine arts (6 units). Students should also complete their activity unit and health course.

Senior Year

Applied learning service project designed by the cohort as part of the capstone ethics course. Students should also complete their language requirement.

Program Learning Outcomes

Connect a biblical Christian worldview with each academic discipline of study

Establish a collaborative and supportive learning community of peers who are committed to quality scholarship and community service

Complete at least one interdisciplinary research project

Complete at least one major community service project that is informed by their course learning across at least two academic discipline

Integrated Honors Coursework

Honors Composition and Global Literature

World History and Christian Values

Humanities and Society

Theology and World Religions

Studies in Origins Biology

Communication and World Literature

Honors Old and New Testament Survey

Because the Aletheia cohort is specifically designed to explore content areas in a discussion-based format, some college coursework completed by high school students prior to enrollment at SDC may not be transferrable to SDC as part of the Aletheia Honors Program. Transfer credit options will be evaluated by our Registrar’s office after acceptance upon the receipt of all college transcripts.

“What I like most about the honors program is the community. Being part of this cohort allows me to learn and grow with like minded individuals who all have different backgrounds and perspectives but all have a common goal, and that is to learn. With such a small group I feel comfortable to share my ideas in class. It is also great because I always know I have 10 people who are there to help me and encourage me. The small class size is also nice because you get to build a relationship with your professors and learn at a faster and deeper pace.” – Christy Wade

“I think it’s great to be able to get to know a small group of people! It helps with my comfort level at the school, and we all bring something separate and special to the table.” – Christian Anderson

“My time with the Aletheia Honors Program has been extraordinary. The small class size takes learning to a whole new level. Being in this program has allowed me to have a better relationship with my cohort and my professors.” – Daniel Camacho

“I have had an amazing time getting to know my honors group! It’s been such a great time of community. Our professors challenge our thinking and encourage us not to be afraid to disagree and defend our positions. I have learned so much from everyone and have gleaned great insights from the class discussions.” – Gracie Walker

“I love my fellow classmates in the Aletheia Honors Program. The classes are awesome, and it has been a blast so far!” – Christopher Javner

“I love it! The program has challenged me to think and to discuss my ideas. It’s the right amount of difficulty–it’s not too hard or overwhelming. I  love doing these classes with this group. It’s nice to have the same group of friends in my classes; it makes the college experience fun!” – Sarah Bennett

“Our professors constantly blow our minds with deep concepts and interesting connections of faith and history. The program is cool because there is less busy work and more intentional discussions.” – Sophie Hoag

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