Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

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The Department of Biblical Studies bases their instruction upon the verbal, plenary inspiration of the Word of God in the original manuscripts and upon its authority in all areas of the Christian life.

Why Choose Biblical Studies at SDC?

From its beginning, the goal of SDC has been to send dedicated men and women to the major fields of Christian service with a zeal and ability to effectively present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world. Since the local church is without question God’s agency for the accomplishing of this task in this age, it is the aim of this department to develop biblical leadership with a well-rounded experience in every essential phase of the Lord’s work through a local church.

Human abilities cannot cope with life apart from the Holy Spirit’s Divine enabling, so the department’s professors seek to correlate and integrate the Bible into all areas of a student’s life – heart, mind and soul. 

brian-moulton“Our department places a high value on biblical scholarship and intellect, as well as the intent to incorporate biblical truths into everyday life. Our goal is to give our students the tools needed to grow in their faith, become stronger examples of Christ to others, and ultimately lead others to Him.”
Brian Moulton, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Biblical Studies

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Emphases and Minors

Biblical Studies Minor
Intercultural Studies Minor
Greek Minor
Youth Ministry
Intercultural Studies
Bible Exposition
Pastoral Ministry

Course Requirements for Biblical Studies Majors

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies will require a minimum of 124/125 credit hours:

61/62 General Education credit hours
33 Required core credit hours in Biblical Studies
15 Concentration credit hours
15 Elective credit hours

Required program specific Courses: Credits

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General Education Courses

BI 101 Old Testament Survey: 3
BI 102 New Testament Survey: 3
EN 221/222 Christian Classics I/II: 3
TH 201 Theology I: 3
TH 202 Theology II: 3
Phil 311/SCI 302: 3

Courses for Biblical Studies Majors

BI 213 Principles of Bible Study: 3
BI 214 Romans: 3
BI 317 The Gospels: 3
BI 410 Genesis: 3
HI 318 History of Christianity: 3
ICS 305 Intercultural Communication: 3
PM 400 Leadership for Ministry
PM 411 Communication for Ministry
ICS 401/Phil 341/PM 250: 3
TH 406 Major Bible Doctrines: 3

5 Concentration Electives
2 Bible Electives or Greek

Bible Exposition Emphasis

This emphasis includes additional Bible courses and is intended to enhance the students’ biblical knowledge and to provide them with greater skills for the interpretation of the biblical text. The emphasis is intended for students pursuing either professional or lay ministry. It is also appropriate for those planning to attend seminary or graduate school.

Four Bible Electives

PM 499                      Pastoral Internship

Intercultural Studies Emphasis

This emphasis includes additional cross-cultural and missions-related courses. It is designed to prepare students for a career in missions.

The graduate will take all the required courses for the Biblical Studies Major plus these program specific courses for Intercultural Studies emphasis.

ICS 101                      Intro to World Christian Movement

ICS 202                      Biographical History of Missions

ICS 305                      Intercultural Communication

ICS 314                      Contemporary Practice of Missions

ICS 499                      Missions Internship

Two additional Bible Elective or Greek courses are required, plus 3 additional credits taken from the Biblical Studies Department catalog.

Pastoral Ministries Emphasis

This emphasis includes additional practical and pastoral-related courses. It is intended for students planning to attend seminary, or for those entering pastoral ministry directly from college.

The graduate will take all the required courses for the Biblical Studies Major plus these program specific courses for Pastoral Ministry emphasis.

PM 200                      Foundations of Educational Ministries

PM 413                      Discipleship & Leadership/LDR 200

PM 350                      Counseling for Ministry

PHIL 341                   Epistemology & Apologetics

PM 499                      Pastoral Internship

2 additional Bible Elective or Greek courses are required.

Youth Ministries Emphasis

This emphasis includes additional youth ministry courses. It is designed to prepare students for a career in youth ministry.

The graduate will take all the required courses for the Biblical Studies Major plus these program specific courses for Youth Ministry emphasis.

YM 300                      Philosophy of Youth Ministry

YM 308                      Programming for Youth Ministry

YM 400                      Organization/Administration of Youth Ministry

PSY 332                     Developmental Psychology: Adolescence

YM 498                      Youth Internship

2 additional Bible Elective or Greek courses are required.


Course Requirements for Biblical Studies Minor
If you choose a minor in Biblical Studies, you will need to complete the following courses in conjunction with your major: Bible 101, 102, 213, 214, 317, 318, 409, 410 (24 credit hours).

Course Requirements for Youth Ministry
If you choose a minor in Youth Ministry, you will need to complete the following courses in conjunction with your major: Bible 101, 102, 213, and one upper level Bible course, Intercultural Studies 401 or Theology 406, and Youth Ministry 300, 308, 310 or 320, and 400 (27 credit hours).

Course Requirements for Greek Minor
If you choose a minor in Greek, you will need to complete the following courses in conjunction with your major: Bible 101, 102, and Greek Language 211, 212, 313, 314, 450 (21 credit hours).

Course Requirements for Intercultural Studies Minor
If your choose a minor in Intercultural Studies, you will need to complete the following courses in conjunction with your major: Bible 160; Bible 101, 102, and Intercultural Studies 101, 202, 305, 314, and Social Science 204 (24 credit hours).

Brian Moulton, Ph.D., Chair of the Biblical Studies Department

Dr. Brian Moulton holds the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has been married to Laurie since 1984. They have two children, Stephen and Sarah, both raised and working, Stephen as an attorney and Sarah as an elementary music teacher. Brian was born and raised in Minnesota, saved by the Lord at the University of Minnesota at age 21, and has pursued ministry ever since.

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Steve Whitten
Associate Professor, Biblical Studies



Over 95% of students at SDC receive financial assistance from a variety of sources.

An education at San Diego Christian is worth the investment. At our institution, students are not only investing in an excellent education, but also in their spiritual formation, leadership training and opportunities to make an impact in our local and global community for the kingdom of God. Our 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows our professors to give their students personal attention both academically and spiritually, and our students are a part of a thriving community of believers who are committed to servant leadership and growth.

That is why we believe SDC is worth your investment and our own. Through our comprehensive financial aid program, we are committed to offering an affordable, Christian liberal arts education to every student no matter their financial situation. We are here to assist you in making an informed decision as you plan a financing strategy for your college education.

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Over 60 missions and outreach opportunities per year to places such as Thailand, Africa and Mexico.

Explore Careers in:

  • Bible Teaching
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Christian Education
  • Missions
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Women’s Ministries
  • Youth Ministry

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and define goals in areas of learning and teaching that will be priorities of further study and inquiry, both independently and/or in structured graduate programs
  • Identify areas of spiritual giftedness through participation in surveys conducted in Romans and Major Bible Doctrines
  • Demonstrate current application of biblical principles in both vocation and life experience
  • Demonstrate orthodox Biblical comprehension, both in written and oral discourse
  • Demonstrate an apologetic for diverse worldviews of a variety of philosophical and theological systems

2 Timothy 1:13-14 says, “What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus. Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.” The Biblical Studies course at San Diego Christian College did just this for me. The sound teaching I received while attending this college provided a pattern for me to follow as I entered full-time Christian service. I view the education that I received as a good deposit that was entrusted to me. I use what I learned in my courses on a daily basis and still keep in touch with a few of my professors, whom I consider to be mentors and advisers that I will carry with me throughout my life. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to attend SDC and believe it truly equipped me, with God’s help, to teach, lead, and raise up a future generation of young women desiring to influence this world for Christ.

~Jamie Thompson, 2002


The Bible Courses that I took while at SDCC had a huge impact in my life in that they provided a solid foundation for what I believed and why. I came to the college as a fairly new believer craving to know truth and learn more about God, faith, and the Bible. The Bible Department definitely met those expectations by teaching me how to study the Bible, how to apply those truths to my life, and how to communicate these things to others effectively. I left the college feeling equipped to further pursue knowledge and growth in my own life, as well as encourage and teach others in their pursuit of God and truth. There’s so much more I could say- the Bible Department was such a huge blessing to me during college!

~Denise VanDommelen, Admin. Asst., Sr High Ministry, Shadow Mountain Community Church


The SDC Bible Department equipped me to be a complete minister. They didn’t only give me facts and information but they challenged me to apply what I was learning to my life. The end result was being able to minister from my life and not just from my mind. The professor’s modeled this type of learning and I am grateful for the years that I spent learning this very important principle.

~Troy Leeman, 2010


“…I have to say the biggest influences on my career were the Bible classes.”

~Timothy Jay O’Neill, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 1983, Children’s Ministries Director and Administrative Pastoral Assistant at Eagle Point Community Bible Church in Oregon.


“I chose to major in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Youth Ministry because God has given me a passion to work with youth. My education at SDCC has been so helpful because I have learned not only in the classroom but also from the lives of my professors, who live out what they teach, helping me to think outside the box, and encouraging me in my process. I could not wait to get out and apply what I had learned.”

~Rondi Pogue, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, May 2006