Bachelor of Arts in History

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The Department of History at San Diego Christian (SDC) examines the structure, history, and management of human societies. The program seeks to educate students to integrate faith and learning, so that they will be equipped to impact the world for Christ—no matter what their profession might be.

Why Choose History at SDC?

Students will learn to differentiate between culturally generated beliefs and divinely revealed truth while developing a Biblical perspective that reflects an appreciation for the richness and diversity of cultures. Students will be challenged to develop information literacy by generating research from critical interpretation of material evidence. Students will also be instructed in how to effectively present the results of their research in both oral and written form.

“The Department of History uses diverse methodologies and sources to connect students to their academic pursuits. Our faculty strive to build research and writing skills through each classroom experience, and are committed to building personal relationships with their students, allowing us to tailor their learning experience to their individual goals. The passion from the professor in connection with the student’s interests energizes everyone’s learning.”
~ Dr. Jon DePriest, Chair of the Department of History

Emphases and Opportunities

Political Science
Secondary Education

Course Requirements for History Majors

The Bachelor of Arts in History will require a minimum of 124/125 credit hours:

61/62 General Education credit hours
30 Required core credit hours in Major Courses
12 Concentration credit hours
21 Elective credit hours

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General Education Courses

HI 101 History of Civilization I: 3
HI 201 American History to 1877: 3
SS 200 Social Science Seminar: 3
SS 205 Introduction to American Government: 3

Core Courses for History Majors

HI 102 History of Civilization II: 3
HI 202 American History since 1877: 3
HI 318 History of Christianity: 3
HI 495 Senior Thesis: 3
HI 204 (California History) or History Elective: 3

4 Upper Division History Electives: 12

Elective Courses:

HI 312 Classical Civilization: 3
HI 314 Renaissance and Reformation: 3
HI 315 Absolutism, Enlightenment, and Revolution: 3
HI 317 Age of Dictators: 3
HI 340 Themes in World Civilization: 3
HI 381, 382 Directed Research: 1-3
HI 410 Women in American History: 3
HI 412 American Revolution: 3
HI 414 Civil War and Reconstruction: 3
HI 420 Constitutional History of America: 3
HI 422 History of Religion in America: 3
HI 424 The American Sixties: 3
HI 428 American Foreign Policy: 3
HI 440 Themes in American History: 3
HI 481, 482 Directed Research: 1-3
HI 499 Internship in History/Social Science: 3


4 Courses in designated emphasis: 12

Pre-Law Emphasis

This concentration includes additional courses intended to enhance the students’ knowledge of the history of the legal profession and preparation for employment in fields of law.  The concentration is intended for students pursuing the legal profession and for those planning to attend law school.

Required program specific Courses: Credits

BU 205 Legal Environment of Law: 3
PSC 310 Introduction to American Law: 3
COM 309 Advanced Argumentation and Debate: 3
HI 420 Constitutional History of America: 3
h3>Political Science Emphasis

This concentration includes courses for those aspiring to work in federal, state or local politics.  It is designed to prepare students for a career in elected office or political offices/organizations.

Required program specific Courses: Credits

PSC 310 Introduction to Law: 3
PSC 320 Political Theory: 3
PSC 420 Religion and the Public Square: 3
HI 420 Constitutional History of America: 3

Secondary Education Emphasis

This concentration includes additional practical and education-related courses. It is intended for students planning to teach with their degree in history. It is designed to prepare students for entrance into a Credential Program.

Required program specific Courses: Credits

ED 300 Introduction to Education: 3
ED 303 Educational Psychology: 3
ED 315 Instructional Education Technology: 3
ED 400: History and Philosophy of Education: 3

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An education at San Diego Christian is worth the investment. At our institution, students are not only investing in an excellent education, but also in their spiritual formation, leadership training and opportunities to make an impact in our local and global community for the kingdom of God. Our 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows our professors to give their students personal attention both academically and spiritually, and our students are a part of a thriving community of believers who are committed to servant leadership and growth.

That is why we believe SDC is worth your investment and our own. Through our comprehensive financial aid program, we are committed to offering an affordable, Christian liberal arts education to every student no matter their financial situation. We are here to assist you in making an informed decision as you plan a financing strategy for your college education.

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The degree program in History/Social Science can be structured to focus on research/writing or teaching. Positions in public or private corporations, public agencies, and museum and library management remain open to the student with a History/Social Science degree. In addition, carefully structured programs can assist the student for admission into graduate schools of business, law, journalism or seminary. 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. To synthesize knowledge of the structure, history and management of human societies.
  2. To develop information literacy, generating research from well-developed reasoning and critical interpretation of material evidence, communicated in both oral and written form.
  3. To differentiate between culturally generated beliefs and divinely revealed truth, while developing a biblical perspective that reflects an appreciation for the richness and diversity of cultures.
  4. To cultivate a lifelong commitment to growth in the Christian faith, professional integrity, and passion for service.
  5. To demonstrate an eclectic approach to historical investigation in order to apply information from a variety of sources.
“Studying history at SDC has prepared me for my graduate studies and encouraged me to go out and be a servant leader. The department’s staff have inspired me to be a person of great character, and they have pushed me to grow and excel in new ways I never thought possible. Each of my history courses have challenged me to think deeper, to write with passion, and to speak with confidence. Professors are committed to engaging the lives of their students. I am inspired each day by their character and I hope to serve and impact people the way the faculty at SDC has served me for the past four years.”
~Monique, 2016