Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies

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The Department of Education at San Diego Christian College (SDC) seeks to nurture and develop students to become exceptional educators that strive to impact the world for Christ through teaching and serving the next generation.

Why Choose Liberal Studies at SDC?

The Department of Education at San Diego Christian College works to impart a solid basis for teaching grounded in current theory and research while providing opportunities for students to practice their teaching skills in real-life settings with a commitment to high ethical standards and Christian service.

Those pursuing a liberal studies major can complete the coursework for the bachelor’s degree and Teacher Credential Program in a total of four and a half years. The liberal studies major is tailored for those who intend to pursue a multiple-subject credential (K-8 setting). A wide range of disciplines help to build the content knowledge necessary for passing the CSET exam required for credentialing by the state of California. This program also builds the knowledge base necessary for teaching the Common Core State Standards for K-8.

The overriding goal of the department is to nurture and develop highly qualified Christian teachers who have an appropriate subject-matter foundation, upon which has been built an understanding of student behavior, competence in teaching abilities, the ability to develop and encourage critical judgment and creativity, and a commitment to high ethical standards and Christian service.

img_3043“The faculty of the Department of Education are committed to helping our candidates to become great teachers, who will bring excellence to the classroom and hope to their students. It is a privilege to lead these individuals, so they understand their potential for influence and impact both in the classroom and in the Kingdom of God.”
~Debra Cunningham, Ed.D., Chair of the Department of Education

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Course Requirements for Liberal Studies Majors

The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies will require a minimum of 124/125 credit hours:

61/62 General Education credit hours
30 Required core credit hours in Major Courses
12 Concentration credit hours
21 Elective credit hours

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Required General Education Courses for All Liberal Studies Majors

BIO 101 Introduction to Life Sciences 3
BIO 300 Biological Health Education 3
EN 223 World Literature 3
PS 102 Introduction to Physical/Earth Science 3
MA 115 Liberal Arts Mathematics 3
HI 101 History of World Civilization I 3
HU 310 Survey of the Humanities 3
KIN 102 Creative Movement 1
SS 204 Cultural Anthropology 3
SS 205 Introduction to American Government 3

Required Courses for Liberal Studies Majors

ED 200 Liberal Studies Integration Seminar 3
ED 300 Introduction to Education 3
ED 312 Science Methods for Educators 1
ED 315 Instructional and Educational Technology 3
ED 400 History & Philosophy of Education 3
EN 311 American Literature I 3
EN 316 Introduction to Linguistics 3
EN 403 Literature for Children 3
HI 201 American History to 1877 3
HI 204 California History 3
HU 305 Fine Arts for Educators 3
KIN 301 Physical Education for Children 3
MA 303 Mathematics for Educators 3
MU 437 Music for Educators 3
PSY 202 Growth & Development 3
SS 206 Introduction to Geography 3

Choose 1 Earth Science 3 Subject Area Concentration (upper division): Choose English, history, science, kinesiology or music 9 MS Credential Courses (taken as a block in last semester of senior year)
ED 501 Teaching of Reading Elementary 4
ED 503 Educational Psychology 3
ED 505 Curriculum/Instruction in Elementary Education 3
ED 506 TESOL in Multicultural Classrooms 3
ED 507 Seminar in Professional Development 1

Over 95% of students at SDC receive financial assistance from a variety of sources.

An education at San Diego Christian is worth the investment. At our institution, students are not only investing in an excellent education, but also in their spiritual formation, leadership training and opportunities to make an impact in our local and global community for the kingdom of God. Our 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows our professors to give their students personal attention both academically and spiritually, and our students are a part of a thriving community of believers who are committed to servant leadership and growth.

That is why we believe SDC is worth your investment and our own. Through our comprehensive financial aid program, we are committed to offering an affordable, Christian liberal arts education to every student no matter their financial situation. We are here to assist you in making an informed decision as you plan a financing strategy for your college education.

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TESOL Certificate

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate provides individuals with specialized training to teach English in a number of ESL settings. Current undergraduates in any major may pursue this certificate program. The TESOL certificate will be awarded when a bachelor’s degree has been completed.

Teacher Credential Program

The post-graduate, state approved Teacher Credential Program at SDC offers an SB 2042 California Preliminary Credential for Multiple Subjects (elementary) or Single Subjects (secondary). Our high quality program offers small classes, individual attention, and dedicated Christian professors. The liberal studies program is designed to fit directly into the Teacher Credential Program, with undergraduates completing coursework for the credential program in the last semester of their senior year. Students then return to complete the student teaching and remaining coursework required for the credential program upon graduation.Students who intend to teach in the high school setting are encouraged to major in the subject they plan to teach supplemented by liberal studies coursework that fulfills the prerequisites for teacher credentialing.

Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching has been designed to move those who have become reflective practitioners through obtaining a teaching credential to becoming reflective scholars. Our program includes research, reflection, and practical application to one’s school setting.

Liberal Studies Learning Outcomes:

  1. Establish a strong foundational knowledge of subject matter in multiple disciplines—humanities, sciences, math, and social sciences.
  2. Identify the significant ideas, structures, and values in the disciplines which underlie the K-8 curriculum.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to engage in scholarly inquiry, research, and professional development.
  4. Integrate, synthesize, and apply subject matter content from multiple sources.
  5. Show an awareness and appreciation for diversity and multicultural perspectives.
  6. Develop and then articulate an integrated personal philosophy of education that reflects a strong Christian worldview integrated with a sound theoretical background and exemplary methods.

“Being a liberal studies graduate from SDC has given me the opportunity to learn from professors who spent the majority of their lives devoted to careers in the education field. Through a variety of classes, I learned how the education system works, what it means to be an effective teacher, how to manage a classroom, and how to incorporate God’s love into my teaching methods.”
~Kelsey, 2008