The department of History offers two bachelor degree programs-History or Leadership & Justice.

Bachelor of Arts in History
The History degree program examines the structure, history, and management of human societies. Students will be challenged to develop information literacy by generating research from critical interpretation of material evidence. Students will also be instructed in how to effectively present the results of their research in both oral and written form.
A distinctive of the History Department is its desire to teach students to integrate faith and learning so that they will be equipped to impact the world for Christ-no matter what their profession might be. Students will learn to differentiate between culturally generated beliefs and divinely revealed truth while developing a Biblical perspective that reflects an appreciation for the richness and diversity of cultures.
Bachelor of Arts in Leadership & Justice
The Leadership & Justice degree program exists to train the next generation of leaders to address the emerging challenges and social complexities of the modern world. Students will apply theoretical analysis, critical thinking , and practical methodologies toward solving local, national, and international issues.
Professors and students collaborate and engage the major works in the foundations of historical and political literature, which will equip students to excel in the areas of moral decisiveness, social justice, conflict negotiation, and servant leadership. Students can utilize theoretical and practical methodologies for serving effectively in areas of political science, human rights, criminal justice, and homeland security.