You have obtained your regionally accredited B.A. / B.S., received a 2.5 GPA or higher, and KNOW you want to be a teacher... so, what now?

Call us! Ask all of your questions over the phone, or set an appointment to discuss the program in detail with our Department Chair, Dr. Debra Cunningham (619) 201-8756.

If this is the program for you, fill out an application and get started on your future as a teacher!

How do I apply to the Teacher Credential Program?

To complete a TCP online application, please choose from the following:


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I am or will be a college graduate seeking a teaching credential.
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I am a former Teaching Credential student seeking to re-enroll.

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Printable TCP Application Forms

Thank you for your interest in the Teacher Credential Program at San Diego Christian College! You will find printable versions of our application materials here.

Professional Recommendation
Profile / Goals

Transcript Request

Please mail forms to:

APS/Teacher Credential Program
San Diego Christian College
200 Riverview Pkwy
Santee, CA 92071

Or fax copies to 619-201-8736.

Meet your Advisor

We will call to let you know your application was received. There are a few items you will need to submit to complete the application . These will include: Official transcripts (including junior colleges), a letter of recommendation from a supervisor attesting to your character, and a $25 application fee.

Jahnai Feldmann, Credential Analyst/Fieldwork Supervisor and my phone is 619-201-8755 

Questions? Call (619) 201-8755 to speak with Jahnai Feldmann, Credential Analyst/Fieldwork Supervisor

Email Jahnai Feldmann
Credential Analyst/Fieldwork Supervisor