The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate provides individuals with specialized training to teach English in a number of ESL settings. Current undergraduates in any major may pursue this certificate program. The TESOL certificate will be awarded when a bachelor’s degree has been completed. Interested individuals who have previously earned a BA/BS are also eligible.

The TESOL Certificate would provide training for teaching English in the following situations:

1. Post-Secondary/Adult Education: This would include overseas schools, colleges, and universities. Also, adult education programs in the US quite often hire teachers with TESOL Certificates.

2. K-12 Schools: Gives extra certification for teaching English learners. May qualify a person to function as an EL specialist. (This certification is NOT required for the Preliminary Teaching Credential.)

3. Church/Missions Ministry: Used in the States to teach in church-based volunteer ESL programs and in other ministry organizations. May be used in overseas ministries to teach English in many settings.

For more information about TESOL CERTIFICATION contact: Cheryl Myers

1. Apply to the college (ALL TESOL students complete the Undergraduate application)

2. Complete the upper portion of the TESOL Application and email or mail to Cheryl Myers.

Program Specific Course: Credit

SS 204 Cultural Anthropology: 3
EN 415 Approaches to Grammar: 3
EN 316 Introduction to Linguistics: 3
EN 506 TESOL in Multicultural Classrooms: 3
ICS 305 Intercultural Communication 3
EN 450 Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language: 1