Psychology is the social science that systematically studies human behavior, including emotions, thoughts and actions. The discipline focuses on the biological, individual differences, cognitive, and social basis of all behavior. As Christians, we also consider the spiritual foundation of human behavior and biblical teaching about human life. The study of psychology is the study of God's creation. The Psychology department offers a wide range of courses that are applicable to students in all degree programs.

A psychology degree is an excellent preparation for faith-based ministries, work in community agencies and graduate studies in a variety of fields. For those interested in pursuing a career in counseling or other areas of psychology, graduate study will be necessary. Therefore, the department strives to work with each student to help them identify their career goals so that appropriate coursework can be taken.

The Psychology Major combines (1) a strong core curriculum in the basic areas of psychology and research methods, and (2) concentrations in counseling and general psychology. Students begin work in their concentrations in their junior year. Each student graduates with knowledge of psychological theory and the ability to think critically about human data. The department continues its strong emphasis on human development and counseling. New courses focus on the application of psychology to the areas of business, education, and community problems. Coursework provides opportunities to engage in service learning, a senior internship, and to learn skills in survey design and administration