SDC Education Expenses for 2016-2017


TUITION 2016-2017
12-18 units           $14,050/semester
1-11 units (per credit)           $1,210
19+ units (per credit)           $439


Student Services
12+ units $325/semester
5-11 units $170/semester
1-4 units $ 85/semester
12+ units $400/semester
5-11 units $245/semester
1-4 units $141/semester


Room/Board + 19 meals/wk $5,487/semester
Additional meal plans are available to
juniors and seniors.
Contact Student Accounts for
additional information.
Commuter Meal Plans
10 meals/wk $1,675/semester
5 meals/wk $836/semester



First Year Student Deposits
Registration          $100
Housing          $250
Graduating Students
Grad Fee          $200
Late Registration
Late Fee (returners only)          $75


Apartment – Normal Rate $350/person
  2 people, 1BR/1Bth
  3 people, 2BR/1Bth
  4 people, 2BR/2Bth
Apartment – Luxury Rate $500/person
  1 person, 1BR/1Bth
  2 people, 2BR/2Bth
Apartment – Economy Rate $250/person
  3 people, 1BR/1Bth
  4+ people, 2BR/1Bth
  5+ people, 2BR/2Bth
Normal Rate – Signees will not be charged more if their unit is not filled to capacity.
It will be the responsibility of SDC to assign residents accordingly.
Luxury Rate – Apartments will be based upon room availability and may be
denied at the discretion of SDC.
Economy Rate – Registrants cannot sign up individually. They must have their
entire group organized upon registration or they will be charged the Normal Rate.
SDC Student Employees – May be eligible for a discounted rate and should
check with their supervisor for details
Summer Courses $439/unit
Services/Tech Fees No charge
Food Service Retail or per contract


(Adult & Online, TCP, MAT)
Adult & Online Courses             $439/unit
TCP/MAT Courses             $550/unit
Adult & Online Book Fee            $99
TCP, MAT, and Adult & Online Fees            $290/semester
Credit Prior Learning            $100/unit
Special Class Fees            Vary


Payment Options

There are a variety of ways to pay your bill at SDC. If you still have a balance owed after all Financial Aid has been awarded, you must choose one of the following options to pay your balance.

Option A – Pay in Full

Pay the balance for the semester in full.

Option B – Payment Plan

Make monthly payments by setting up an automatic payment link at the time of Financial Check-In. Payments are due in accordance with the schedule of the plan you select. If payments are not made in a timely manner, the ability to continue on a monthly payment plan may be revoked.

Option C – Loans

Take out an additional loan to cover your remaining balance.

It is recommended that students first exhaust their Federal Direct Stafford Loans due to their low and fixed interest rates.  If you have not already done so, please apply for Financial Aid by going to  If you have already taken out your Stafford Loans, other loan options include Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) or Alternative Loans.  These are subject to additional steps and credit review by the Department of Education (for PLUS) or a private lender (for alternative loans).  Click Here for more details.

Option D – VA Benefits

Use your VA benefits eligibility to pay for your remaining balance.

If you have not done so already, please provide the Student Financial Services Office with your Certificate of Eligibility.

Financial Aid

In order to apply for the maximum grants and scholarships available, a student must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) between January 1st and March 2nd prior to the Fall semester of enrollment. This application checks a student’s eligibility for Federal and State Aid. California residents who wish to apply for the Cal Grant must also submit a GPA Verification Form by March 2nd. Be sure to list the Title IV School Code number 012031 for San Diego Christian College as one of your college choices in Section 5 on the FAFSA.

GPA Verification Forms are available online or in your High School Counselor’s office. San Diego Christian also encourages students to apply for aid from outside sources, such as private, community, and corporate programs.




Grants & Scholarships


Student Loans


Other Financing

Additional information regarding student financial aid programs and the policies and procedures that govern their administration may be found in sources such as:

Billing and Payments

The Student Financial Services Office handles all billing and payment transactions for current and former students. Students may make a payment, set up a payment plan, request a refund (if eligible), and request a book voucher (if eligible).

SDC also offers a variety of convenient methods to make payments or view a student’s account online.

At SDC, the following methods of payment are acceptable:

  • Cash
  • Check, Cashier’s Check, or Money order (please write student’s name and ID number on the memo line)
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express)

The following links are provided to educate and inform students and parents about the deadlines, forms, and procedures associated with the billing and payment structure at San Diego Christian: