8    Graduation Dinner

  9    Commencement Ceremony
        Shadow Mountain Community Church



HAWK Family Weekend: Feb. 2015

Hawk Family Weekend: President and Mrs. Ague Hawk Family Weekend: Check In Hawk Family Weekend: Dinner Hawk Family Weekend: Bekkers Catering Hawk Family Weekend: Movie Night Hawk Family Weekend: Comedy Night Hawk Family Weekend: Comedy Night Hawk Family Weekend: Hawk Talk Hawk Family Weekend: Hawk Talk Hawk Family Weekend: Tennis Hawk Family Weekend: Tennis fans Hawk Family Weekend: Snow Cones Hawk Family Weekend: Women's Basketball Hawk Family Weekend: Basketball Fans Hawk Family Weekend: Men's Basketball Hawk Family Weekend: Men's Basketball 2 Hawk Family Weekend: Chick-fil-A Hawk Family Weekend: Half Time


Phoenix, AZ Alumni Dinner: 1.24.2015

Phoenix Alumni Dinner

The SDC Alumni Office was excited to return to Phoenix, AZ for the second time. As always, it is a blessing to hear the testimonies of how the Lord is using each alumni in their profession and in ministry. We spent the evening with Jordan (‘08) and Shannon (‘08) Smith, Amy Abela (‘93), Jake (‘12) and Abigail (‘11) Wilhelm, and Dudley (‘81) and Lorelle (‘81) Guentz.

After dinner and being able to fellowship with one another, we shared the vision for SDC in the next few years along with the amazing impact our students are already having in the Santee community. We are thankful for the support and encouragement we received from those who attended.

Santa Clara Alumni Dinner: 11.18.2014

Santa Clara Alumni and Friends Dinner

We enoyed another exciting Alumni and Friends Dinner followed with a Hawks basketball game at Santa Clara University. Individuals who attended included Peter ('82) and Debbie ('82) Zacharoff, Beth ('76) and Ted Tidmarsh, Tim Lee ('83), Ben ('01) and Amber Warner, Greg Hinton ('03) and his fiance Julia, Emmanuel ('13) and Bethany ('11) Onywera, Katelyn Neverkovec ('12), Christine Cooper ('14), Jack Cooper, Drew ('07) and Megan Sanchez, and Joe Austin ('77).

San Diego Alumni Dinner: 9.13.2014

Alumni Dinner Alumni Dinner Alumni Dinner Alumni Dinner Alumni Dinner Alumni Dinner Alumni Dinner Alumni Dinner Alumni Dinner

This past Saturday, the Alumni Office hosted a dinner for San Diego and Los Angeles alumni at SDC. It was a blessing to see parents of graduates, current and former staff and faculty, our Student Body President and Vice President, and graduates from the 1980's to those who graduated last spring. We were blessed and encouraged to hear from Will and Alisa Cunningham. Through Alisa and her three daughters' experience of recovering from a near death car accident, we were reminded of God's faithfulness and how he miraculoulsy protected them and has carried them through their recovery.

Among those who attended were Nathan ('09) and Livvy ('08) Craig, John ('03) and Megan Circo, Phillip and Connie Gale, Jennifer Monsees ('05), Ryan ('12) and Sandra ('12) Heinze, Erin Jones ('88), Ralph and Julie ('86) Ziegler, Daniel ('98) and Rebecca ('99) Wood, Jessica Fregoe ('08), Marjorie Gross ('01), Heather Withers ('00), Kalani and Katie Polanco (04), Bethany Merritt ('09), Tammi Melzer ('04), Braedon Lipnick ('12), Holly Abeel ('09), Jason Farley ('10), Dave and Barbara Davies, Fred Blackburn, Dr. Brian and Laurie Moulton, Mary ('01) and James Hanson, Jenni Jerome ('96), Jennifer Jabbour ('01), Kelly Buchanan ('14), Chad Coyle ('14), Dave and Kim Maddox, Dr. Jon ('84) and Debbie ('97) DePriest, and Priscilla Jensen and her parents from the Netherlands.

Following Will and Alisa Cunningham, Dr. Ague (President of SDC), Robert Jensen (VP for Advancement & Administration), and Lorri Ague (Dean for Adult & Professional Studies) introduced the strategic plan of where SDC is going in the next five years, how alumni can stay connected, and our current community initatives through the Institute for Community Engagement. 

Dallas Alumni Dinner: 6.21.2014

Dallas Alumni Dinner Dallas Alumni Dinner Dallas Alumni Dinner Dallas Alumni Dinner Dallas Alumni Dinner Dallas Alumni Dinner Dallas Alumni Dinner Dallas Alumni Dinner Dallas Alumni Dinner

In June, the Alumni team, headed by Robert Jensen, VP for Advancement and Administration, with Dr. Paul Ague, President of SDC, Lorri Ague, and Esther Pulcipher traveled to Dallas, TX to share the vision of SDC and to update Alumni on the recent changes and location of SDC. The event was intimate and enjoyable as alumni from different years, primarily between 1980 and 2003, were able to come together, get to know each other, and share in the excitement of where the institution is headed. ​

Among those who attended were the following: James and Lillie Hunt, Chuck and Kim Kelley, David and Ann Banta, Andrew and Amy Siefers, Chris and Madelaine Carroll with their four sons, Leighton and Lynette King, Bobby and Susan Herrell, Dr. John and Dalta Morris, Chas and Patti Morse, and Matt Krause. 

Fresno Alumni Dinner: 3.16.2014

 Fresno Alumni Dinner

Homecoming Heritage Day 2014: 2.15.2014

SDC Open House: 1.20.2014