Mission Statement

Career Development strives to engage, educate, and empower both students and alumni by providing professional resources in career planning, personal development, experiential learning, and job obtainment, equipping them for a position that will utilize their God-given strengths and gifts to impact the world for Christ.

Our Goals

Build relationships with students, alumni, prospective employers, graduate and professional schools to foster a community of learning designed to advance the career development process.

Encourage students and alumni to evaluate and explore where their strengths, interests, gifts, personality, and values overlap in an effort to make wise decisions surrounding their future.

Empower students to proactively manage their own careers by helping them develop the necessary skills in self-assessment, career/major exploration, interview preparation, resume/cover letter preparation, networking, and job search strategies.

Provide professional online resources that are easily accessible to students and alumni.

Equip students and alumni with opportunities to connect to a broad range of employers and employment information.


     Meet our Staff

             Our goal and purpose is to meet you where you're at and empower your steps as you move forward towards something greater.