Master Schedules & Degree Audits for 2017-2018


Aviation Management Master Schedule

Aviation Management Degree Audit

Aviation Management (Honors Program)Master Schedule

Aviation Management (Honors Program)Degree Audit

Commercial Pilot Master Schedule

Commercial Pilot Degree Audit

Commercial Pilot (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Commercial Pilot (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Military Pilot Master Schedule

Military Pilot Degree Audit

Military Pilot (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Military Pilot (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Missionary Pilot Master Schedule

Missionary Pilot Degree Audit

Missionary Pilot (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Missionary Pilot (Honors Program) Degree Audit

UAS Pilot Master Schedule

UAS Pilot Degree Audit

UAS Pilot (Honors Program) Master Schedule

UAS Pilot (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies Master Schedule

Biblical Studies Degree Audit

Biblical Studies (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Biblical Studies (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Biological Science

Biological Science Master Schedule

Biological Science Degree Audit

Biological Science (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Biological Science (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Business Administration

Business Administration Master Schedule

Business Administration Degree Audit

Business Administration (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Business Administration (Honors Program) Degree Audit


Communication Master Schedule

Communication (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Broadcast Journalism Degree Audit

Broadcast Journalism (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Film and Media Degree Audit

Film and Media (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Interpersonal Communication Degree Audit

Interpersonal Communication (Honors Program) Degree Audit


English Master Schedule

English (Honors Program) Master Schedule

English-Education Degree Audit

English-Education (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Literature Degree Audit

Literature (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Writing Degree Audit

Writing (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Master Schedule

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Audit

Interdisciplinary Studies (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Interdisciplinary Studies (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Kinesiology and Rehabilitation

Pre-Chiropractic Therapy Master Schedule

Pre-Chiropractic Therapy Degree Audit

Pre-Chiropractic Therapy (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Pre-Chiropractic Therapy (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Pre-Occupational Therapy Master Schedule

Pre-Occupational Therapy Degree Audit

Pre-Occupational Therapy (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Pre-Occupational Therapy (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Pre-Physical Therapy Master Schedule

Pre-Physical Therapy Degree Audit

Pre-Physical Therapy (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Pre-Physical Therapy (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Teaching/Coaching Master Schedule

Teaching/Coaching Degree Audit

Teaching/Coaching (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Teaching/Coaching (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Leadership And Justice

Leadership and Justice Master Schedule

Leadership and Justice Degree Audit

Leadership and Justice (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Leadership and Justice (Honors Program) Degree Audit

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies Master Schedule

Liberal Studies Degree Audit

Liberal Studies (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Liberal Studies (Honors Program) Degree Audit


Psychology Master Schedule

Psychology Degree Audit

Psychology (Honors Program) Master Schedule

Psychology (Honors Program) Degree Audit


Undecided Major Course Outline