We are the Student Government of San Diego Christian College, and our purpose is to improve the lives and enhance the experiences of students at SDCC. We’ve been established since 1970. We are here to unite and effectively serve the student body through Christ by loyally ministering to and representing students as they pursue their goals on campus and in life. We exist to bridge the gap in the community at SDCC and represent student s to a variety of audiences. We are “the official voice of the student,” and fully understand and respect that.

ASB is student led and is overseen by the President, Vice President and 6 other executives. Said leaders are supposed to unite the school and uphold ASB’s official position as well as the mission of the school. We invite all students to join and contribute ideas. ASB of SDCC embraces diversity and accepts all people and varying perspectives. There are many ways to get involved in student government.

For more information about ASB, you can email us at asb@sdcc.edu. Have a comment or suggestion for us? Contact Us Here !


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