We are the Student Government of San Diego Christian College, and our purpose is to improve the lives and enhance the experiences of students at SDCC. We’ve been established since 1970. We are here to unite and effectively serve the student body through Christ by loyally ministering to and representing students as they pursue their goals on campus and in life. We exist to bridge the gap in the community at SDCC and represent student s to a variety of audiences. We are “the official voice of the student,” and fully understand and respect that.

ASB is student led and is overseen by the President, Vice President and 6 other executives. Said leaders are supposed to unite the school and uphold ASB’s official position as well as the mission of the school. We invite all students to join and contribute ideas. ASB of SDCC embraces diversity and accepts all people and varying perspectives. There are many ways to get involved in student government.

For more information about ASB, you can email us at asb@sdcc.edu. Have a comment or suggestion for us? Contact Us Here !


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On behalf of the Student Government, I am honored to welcome you to San Diego Christian! We are blessed to have you join the community we share with a Christian-based education. Your time in college is more than just learning, but creating a foundation to carry out wherever the Lord leads you.  As we Christ-center ourselves, we pray in the flourishing of strong believers willing to lead there friends, family and others in their careers. Some of the most enriching and fondest memories are made during this time and students can establish that.

As a member of student government, ASB is committing to representing and serving our fellow students, faculty, and staff. We plan events, bond together and provide a better environment as we have regular meetings to let our students be the voice for the school. Ultimately, we want to grow into the men and women God wants us to be.  With that being said, Be bold in your faith and get involved in the opportunities SDC offers! If you have any questions contact me any time or talk to Student Life office about getting involved! I look forward to meeting you!

Look forward to our ASB sponsor events such as Bunko night, K1 Speed, Lipsyncs, MVA’s and Paranoia! Signups for Intramurals start right away with Soccer, Frisbee and with our new addition of weekend flag-football and dodge ball tournaments! Come join us as we will have updates and announcements throughout the year!


With blessings,

Brandon Jarosin  

2014-2015 Student Body President


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