We are the Student Government of San Diego Christian College, and our purpose is to improve the lives and enhance the experiences of students at SDCC. We’ve been established since 1970. We are here to unite and effectively serve the student body through Christ by loyally ministering to and representing students as they pursue their goals on campus and in life. We exist to bridge the gap in the community at SDCC and represent student s to a variety of audiences. We are “the official voice of the student,” and fully understand and respect that.

ASB is student led and is overseen by the President, Vice President and 6 other executives. Said leaders are supposed to unite the school and uphold ASB’s official position as well as the mission of the school. We invite all students to join and contribute ideas. ASB of SDCC embraces diversity and accepts all people and varying perspectives. There are many ways to get involved in student government.

For more information about ASB, you can email us at asb@sdcc.edu. Have a comment or suggestion for us? Contact Us Here !


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Every day we encounter platitudes about how we ought to treat other people and think of things. I don't want to drop a set of random ideas on you and hope you integrate them into your lives; You are here with an interest to learn and grow yourselves in every part of your experience, and I'm right there with you.
ASB isn't supposed to be a distant governing body. It exists so that you, the students, have active voice in the way you interact with everyone here and in the community. It's said that no person is an island, and perhaps that's true, but I think it's more accurate to say that no person can afford to be an island. We each have our own individual interests and drives, but developing connections here is what people mention most about their college experience. What we learn about other people and ourselves socially and spiritually is at least as important as anything that we would remember from our classes here.
To be honest with ourselves and others is crucial to our growth. The only thing that comes from deception is a sticky web of expectations and rules. When we're honest about the way we think of and feel about things, we're able to clearly address issues on our minds and hearts. If we want that clarity in our own selves, respecting the opinions and concerns of others is needed. When we feel free to speak our minds honestly and without fear of disrespect, we are free to move forward with force and strength.
A friend of mine with a love for science told me about what this year's theme, momentum, actually means. Momentum is the mass of an object multiplied by it's velocity, or speed and direction. When we have momentum, we are moving in full force with what we've been given with a definite speed and direction. Each of us has been placed on this earth for a specific purpose, and we are constantly upheld and directed by God to do it. The connections we build here, the way we regard one another and ourselves, will carry on into the rest of our lives. Who we choose to be now will form us into who we are tomorrow. Let us move forward undaunted by the darkness, and serve one another in faith for the kingdom of the Lord.
In His Service,
Corey Flores

2015-2016 Student Body President


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