Teacher Credential Program Single Subject Preliminary Credential (SB2042)

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Education Department & Teacher Credential Program

The purpose of the Department of Education is to provide courses that lead to California State Multiple and Single Subject Preliminary Teaching Credentials and Association of Christian Schools International Teaching Certificates.

The overriding goal of the department is to nurture and develop highly qualified Christian teachers who have an appropriate subject-matter foundation, upon which has been built an understanding of student behavior, competence in teaching abilities, the ability to develop and encourage critical judgment and creativity, and a commitment to high ethical standards and Christian service.

In addition, the Department of Education is responsible for and advises students in the Liberal Studies major.

Mission Statement
To equip committed men and women to become competent educators who model Christ-like character. Contact the Education Department at (619) 201-8751 with questions or to set an appointment to learn more about the program, or apply here.

The following must be accomplished before student teaching:

  • SS California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST): Deadline to pass for Fall 2016: September 1, for Spring 2017: December 1
  • Successful completion of all application CSET examinations for the Single Subject area: Deadline to pass for Fall 2016 is December 1, for Spring 2017 is May 1
  • Sub Permit and Certificate of Clearance: Deadline to pass for Fall 2016 is December 1, for Spring 2017 is May 1
  • Successful completion of Block 1 and 2 courses (Block 2 courses require a B- or better to pass)


The following must be accomplished before applying for a preliminary credential:

  • Successful completion of all education courses and prerequisites.
  • Successful completion of student teaching with a grade of B- or better.
  • The four tasks of the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA’s) passed with a score of 3 or 4 on each
  • Valid Infant Child Adult CPR certification


How Do I Apply to the Teacher Credential Program?

  1. Fill out the online application or the readmit application (for students previously enrolled) or;
    Print the Professional Recommendation form below. Have the completed form OR a character reference letter sent directly from the recommending source to the Teacher Credential Program.
  2. Print the Credential Preference form below and complete. Submit to the Teacher Credential Program.
  3. Request official transcripts from all colleges you have attended and send to the Teacher Credential Program to complete your application to the college.
  4. Direct ALL application materials to the attention of:

Teacher Credential Program

Attn: Jahnai Feldmann
San Diego Christian College
200 Riverview Parkway
Santee, CA 92071

Transcript Request

Professional Recommendation Form

While taking ED 300 or preparing for the interview to be accepted into the TCP, please download and complete the Teacher Credential Application.

Questions? Call (619) 201-8751 to speak with Jahnai Feldmann, Credential Analyst/Fieldwork Supervisor, or email at Jahnai.Feldmann@sdcc.edu.

Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential (SB2042)

Academic Requirements—minimum overall GPA, 2.5

Prerequisite Coursework:

ED 300 Introduction to Education

ED 315 Instructional and Educational Technology

EN 316 Introductions to Linguisitics (300+ level only)

BIO 300 Health Education for Teachers (w/CPR cert)

SS 205 U.S. Constitution (ask for information about a test-out option)

Program Coursework:

ED 503 Educational Psychology

ED 506 Curriculum and Instruction

ED 504 Adolescent Literature

ED 507 Seminar in Professional Development

ED 508 Subject Specific Methods


ED 547 Student Teaching (5 days a week)

ED 551 Seminar

Examinations Required:

  • CSET
  • Teaching Performance Assessment Tasks 1, 2, 3, and 4

Course Descriptions

For the Teacher Credential Programs, the cost is $550 per unit  The number of units is dependent on how many units a student transfers in with, and the credential type they are doing. Upon transcript evaluation and transfer units the exact amount of units needed will be assessed. Tech fees each semester are also included and these fees include access to our data base, library, and research information.

Teacher Credential Program Learning Outcomes:

Department learning outcomes require that graduate students  will be able to:

1. Develop a strong foundational knowledge of subject matter (significant concepts, structures, and values) in multiple disciplines – humanities, sciences, math, and social sciences

2. Demonstrate an ability to engage in scholarly inquiry, research, and/or professional development.

3. Integrate, synthesize, and apply subject matter content across disciplines.

4. Display an awareness and appreciation for diversity and multicultural perspectives.

5. Improve and articulate an integrated personal philosophy of education that reflects a strong Christian worldview integrated with a sound theoretical background.