Many people want to enter into business but may not have the time to make the commitment to earning a master’s degree.

That’s not a roadblock when it comes to career opportunities. For those who earn a bachelor’s degree in business, many career opportunities are available.

This proves especially true for those who specialize during their four-year program. The more technical-minded might want to take classes on analytics and data. Those interested in the many opportunities in healthcare should look for classes on the business of medical care.

And one area will always be needed: leadership. Organizations in all industries need leaders who are ready from the first day to make an impact on employee morale, productivity, business strategy and the efficiency of operations.

A four-year business degree can prepare graduates for that role.

What You’ll Learn

Business degrees vary by academic institution. Some focus on developing particular skillsets in graduates.

For example, at San Diego Christian College, the bachelor’s degree in business management prepares graduates to make an immediate impact on their profession in a leadership position. Students learn the skills necessary to provide quality leadership in their organization while also learning an ethics-based decision-making process.

The idea is to produce skilled, responsible leaders. Skills learned in the program include:

• Communication
• Project management
• Decision-making
• Entrepreneurism
• Managing employees in a diverse workplace
• “Soft skills” such as good listening and negotiating skills
These skills are valuable in any industry, which is why focusing on leadership can set you up for a successful career no matter where you work.

Careers in Business

Many people think of “business leader” and immediately think of a chief executive officer sitting in a corner office. While those positions are out there, there are many, many other positions in business that require people with the skills learned in a bachelor’s degree business program.

Jobs available to business program graduates include positions such as:

• Office manager
• Regional sales manager
• Operations manager
• Human resources
• Business development manager
• Construction manager
• Media manager

Essentially, any department head or management position could be open to those who commit to earning a four-year business degree.

The reason for the diversity in jobs is because of the foundational business skills taught students. The same business theories and strategies can be applied to every sort of business, from the family-run restaurant to the global technology corporation.

This is particularly true of leadership. Those who know the latest best practices in management and theories for business success are valuable across all industries and in multitude of jobs.

The need for leadership and skilled executives continues to grow, from healthcare and education to technology and manufacturing. Those who prepare themselves by earning a degree will find they are valuable job candidates for such jobs.