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Academic Success Manager

SDCC’s Purpose and Vision

San Diego Christian College (SDCC), as an academic and learning community, aims to prepare academically equipped, culturally and globally involved graduates with a biblical worldview and godly character to serve God. SDC is a religious, non-profit organization (501c3) registered in the state of California. It is our mission to educate and inspire students through the truth of Scripture and the development of competencies that prepare graduates whose purpose is to impact the world.

Position Overview

The Department of Academics at SDCC provides an enhanced learning environment, consistent with the needs of many of today’s post-secondary students, with the goal of improved academic achievement and ability to support a diverse group of students including adult learners who have different support needs than traditional college students.

The Academic Success Manager will coordinate and lead the operations of the Academic Success Center, while retaining responsibility for ensuring quality and consistency in services rendered to both traditional and non-traditional students. The Manager will also be responsible for facilitating a community of support and growth for the College’s disability support services and academic accountability courses.