Dr. Henry Morris Leadership Program


Students who are chosen to be a part of the Dr. Henry Morris Leadership (DHML) Program will spend four years in a tight-knit cohort studying key foundational principles of leadership theory and personal development. During their tenure in the program, students are expected to put that development into practice through involvement and service on the SDCC campus. DHML students often serve in leadership roles across the campus in positions such as: Resident Assistants, Worship Band Leaders, Campus Leaders, and leaders of student groups and organizations. DHML scholars are expected to model servant leadership to each other and the campus both in the classroom and in community life.


Key Dates


  • April 7, 2021​ – Early Application deadline to apply for the DHML Scholarship.
  • June 7, 2021 –  Final deadline to apply for the DHML Scholarship Program

    Selected students will receive an invitation for an interview. 

DHML Scholarship Interview

Students who are invited to participate will meet with members of the staff, faculty, and administration of SDCC in order to share their personal leadership experiences, goals for the future, and heart for impacting the world for Christ. They will also participate in group initiatives that demonstrate their leadership style and ability to interact with others.

Scholarship Information

Students that are selected to be in the program will receive a scholarship of $10,000 over 4 years, disbursed as $2,000 a year for freshmen and sophomore year and $3,000 a year for junior and senior year.


To apply for the DHML Scholarship, submit the following forms by the deadline listed below:

Please note: In order to be considered for the DHML Scholarship, a student is not required to be fully accepted before the scholarship deadline. However, the forms listed above, which are part of the application process, must be received.

*Additional forms are required for acceptance to the college. Please visit Admission Forms to download the forms necessary to complete your application.

Equipping Leaders

San Diego Christian College desires to educate and prepare Christian leaders who will make an impact in the world for Christ. The Dr. Henry Morris Leadership (DHML) Scholarship is designed to encourage the development of leadership skills in students who demonstrate potential and who desire to grow in their ability to lead effectively. Prospective students who currently exhibit leadership qualities in the classroom and community are encouraged to apply for the DHML Scholarship.