Admissions Counselors


Arabelle De La Paz

Admissions Counselor

Colleges Attended: San Diego Christian College and Arizona State University
Degree: Psychology, BA
Hometown: Apple Valley, CA \ Known as the High Desert

Phone Number: 619-997-0706

Favorite food: Ceviche
Favorite sports team: Football: Chargers Baseball: Angels
Favorite thing about SDCC? The community. It feels like a family
Favorite thing to do in San Diego or Southern California: I love going to the beach and going hiking

Chloe Fisher

Admissions Counselor

College Attended: Liberty University
Degree: Public Health (BS)
Hometown: Walkersville, MD
Phone Number: 619-380-4304
Favorite food: Poke Bowls, Mac n Cheese
Favorite sports team: Redskins, Capitals, Nationals
Favorite thing about SDCC? Getting to work in a Christ-centered environment and the opportunity to encourage others in their walk with the Lord
Favorite thing to do in San Diego or Southern California: Go to the beach and enjoy the year-round beautiful weather

Shaylyn Osuna, MA

Admissions Counselor

College Attended: San Diego State University
Degree: Chemistry (BS), Post-Secondary Educational Leadership (MA)
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Phone Number: 619-997-2573
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Favorite food: Plant-based food
Favorite sports team: All Chicago teams
Favorite thing about SDCC? Transparency and Authenticity
Favorite thing to do in San Diego or Southern California: Explore new fun spots

Carlos Torres

Admissions Counselor

College Attended: San Diego Christian College
Degree: Business Administration Major, Minor in Philosophy
Hometown: Prather, CA
Phone number: 619-997-3936
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Favorite food: Mexican Food – specifically ceviche
Favorite sports team: Atlético Madrid
Favorite thing about SDCC? Relationships with professors, students, and God
Favorite thing to do in San Diego or Southern California: Going to the beach and hanging out or traveling on coastal highway