Online Adjunct Pool – Multiple Departments

SDCC’s Purpose and Vision

San Diego Christian College (SDCC), as an academic and learning community, aims to prepare academically equipped, culturally and globally involved graduates with a biblical worldview and godly character to serve God. SDCC is a religious, non-profit organization (501c3) registered in the state of California. It is our mission to educate and inspire students through the truth of Scripture and the development of competencies that prepare graduates whose purpose is to impact the world.

Position Overview

Adjunct faculty at SDCC serve to equip students with the academic preparation and biblical worldview integration necessary to influence and impact the world for Christ. Adjuncts may teach one course or several courses, in a variety of fields, depending on the academic and business needs of the institution.

Departments: Biblical Studies, Business, Communications, English, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, Psychology, Science