This year’s 2018 Adult & Professional Studies Honors Speaker is Tinika Wyatt. Tinika is a Human Development major and was chosen as the Honors Speaker to address her fellow graduates at Commencement. After graduation, she hopes to transition into working for their behavioral health sector. Tinika became interested in behavioral health when she took in a family who had become homeless because of divorce. After seeing the effects this had on the young children, Tinika was inspired to write a children’s book called Marcus’ New Adventure. Tinika is currently looking at master’s programs to further her education in behavioral health.




Tinika was honored by the great news of this accomplishment and was congratulated by SDCC President Dr. Paul Ague, Academic Vice President Dr. Elizabeth Stanton, Dean of Adult & Professional Studies Dr. Lorri Ague, and Alumni Relations Stephanie Edwards. She has been a tremendous asset to the SDCC community and is committed to impacting the world for Christ.