The Career Development Department at San Diego Christian College strives to engage, educate, and empower both students and alumni by providing professional resources in career planning, personal development, experiential learning, and job obtainment, equipping them for a position that will utilize their God-given strengths and gifts to impact the world for Christ. With an emphasis on being proactive, we meet you where you’re at and empower your steps as you move towards your vocational calling.

Career Services

Isaac Deal
Interim Director of Student Affairs
Director of Student Life

Career Counseling Services Offered:

Career Exploration
Job Searching Resources
Major Exploration
Resume/Cover Letter
Interview Preparation
Career Workshops
Career Advising
Classroom Workshops

Career Planning

• Career development created several strategic tools to ensure you make progress toward your career objectives. We know that going to college is a significant investment, so we aim to ensure you stay on track.

• The SDC Career Development Plan is a tool we’ve developed to help you progress from freshman year through graduation.

Career Development Plan

Career Development 4-Year Plan


• We know providing accessible and useful career tools for our students and alumni is important. Hire-a-Hawk is a web-based tool that gives both the student and employer one place connect.

• For employers, Hire-a-hawk is our job posting service. Whether you have an internship, part-time, full-time position, Hire-a-hawk makes it easy for you to upload your company’s job, and quickly connect with students.

• The students of San Diego Christian College are immersed in an academic community that offers a liberal arts education, promotes a scholarly environment, and fosters the examination of truth. Our students have a foundational knowledge of humanities, sciences, and social sciences that provide a framework for lifelong learning. They specialize in at least one academic discipline or internship which refines their critical thinking skills; essential for any professional and personal endeavors.

Find a JobPost a Job



Vocational Assessments

Participate in these Free Assessment to discover a description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. Your assessment report will help:

• Inform your career choices
• Help connect your personality and academics
• Help you understand your strengths and areas of growth
• Understand your social interactions
• Gain greater insight into your drive, motivation, and style


Clifton StrenghtsFinder Campus

SDC is a growing strengths-based campus. Today, students are inundated with a myriad of industries and career options to choose from. Choosing a major, job hunting, and ultimately finding a purposeful career can be overwhelming. At SDC, we start with the student in mind.

From the #1 Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller, Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 is an assessment to help students discover their innate, God-given talents.

Before students begin their first semester, SDC students take a 45-minute online assessment and receive their Top 5 Strengths. We believe that understanding these talents are the starting point in identifying your calling and post-collegiate career.

W believe an integration of strengths, academics, and spiritual formation is key to designing a life filled with purpose and meaning.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs is a powerful assessment designed to help students understand their personality and identify occupations that are a fit for their type. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has been used by millions of people around the world as a vital tool in the Career Development process -Helping you understand yourself at a different level and how you relate to people and the world around you

Pricing Myers-Briggs Type Indicator College Profile Report $11.95

16 Personalities

Enneagram Test

Enneagram Test


Graduate and Seminary Fair

Join us as some of the top graduate schools and seminaries visit throughout the year on select Mondays and Wednesdays after Chapel to connect with our students and share about their programs, admissions requirements, and application processes.

Career Fair

Each spring semester Career Development hosts a Career Fair focused on connecting our students to local and international companies seeking to hire students in a variety of positions.

The Career Fair is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your business and recruit the exemplary students found at SDC.

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Workshops & Seminars

A variety of workshops are conducted strategically throughout the year within classrooms and in stand-alone workshops on topics of:

  • Resume & Cover Letter Preparation;
  • Developing a Personal Brand;
  • Strengths & Personality;
  • Conflict Resolution;
  • Financial Literacy;
  • Networking;
  • Cultural Intelligence in the Workplace;
  • and more!

Success Stories


“My plan is to eventually oversee a department of a college, and after gaining experience in that field pursue an executive position in Higher Education. I have been highly impacted by the staff at SDC and would love to impact other students in that same way.”

What are your words of encouragement or advice to students that are working to develop themselves professionally?

“Take advantage of mentors and discipleship at SDC! One of the main reasons I want to move on in my education is because of the staff and faculty who took the time to invest in me as a student and as an employee. If I never went out of my way to ask questions and learn from them than I would have never decided to stay connected at SDC or pursue the Master’s program that I have chosen. Their priceless wisdom and mentorship has been something that has helped shaped me to have a different outlook on my relationship with the Lord but also has prepared me for the workforce.

Ask questions, be teachable, and be ready to serve when the time comes for you to step up!”


Lauralee, 2014

“I see myself, serving the Lord in a vocation that fits His calling for my life. What that looks like for me is as a Chiropractor. Eventually, I would like to open up my own practice and travel around the world helping those overcome their ailments.”

What are your words of encouragement or advice to students that are working to develop themselves professionally?

“Give yourself a break. We’re expected to know everything there is to know about our future post-college life and it can be an overwhelming process. I didn’t know that being a Chiropractor was the direction I wanted to take until I allowed myself to experience life for a year (post-graduation). God has a cool way of guiding you back to where you were meant to be if you would just allow Him to move that way in your life.”


Sheyla, Senior, Psychology Major

How has Career Development Helped you?

“It has helped me prepare for more professional job interviews, helped me discover the potential I have to offer to employers and has taught me how to create resumes that express my professional achievements without demeaning even the ‘smallest’ job.”

What are your visions and aspirations for the future? 

“My prayer is that the gifts and talents that the Lord has given me will be worked out for His good wherever he places me. The desire of my heart is to serve young women through counseling and servanthood.”

What are your words of encouragement or advice to students that are working to develop themselves professionally?

“Always seek the Lord. Every single job has been given to me by grace. There is no such thing as luck or being so professionally outstanding that anyone can hire you. Of course you prepare, but always keeping Him in mind no matter the profession.


FreshmanCommunication Major

How has Career Development Helped you?

“I was presented with this internship opportunity with Senator Joel Anderson and they needed a resume. I first came to Career Services to help build the resume, which the staff did a fantastic job walking me through how to build a proper resume. Afterward, I got an interview once I submitted my resume. I came to Career Services for my mock interview, which really prepared me for my actual interview.”

What are your words of encouragement or advice to students that are working to develop themselves professionally?

“Before I came to Career Services for help with my resume and mock interview, I actually came to Career Services to take the MBTI and strong interest test. Career Services helped me understand more about who I am and the way I operate and helped me to figure out what I can do with my major and future career. I would advise everyone to take the personality assessment tests to get a better understanding of who you are so you can really succeed at a job that you love.”



Senior, Kinesiology/Physical Therapy Major

How has Career Development Helped you? “It first helped me to set up a resume. Then taught me how to prepare and sit through a job interview in a professional manner that lead me to get a good job such as the one I have now.”

Job/Internship: Rehab Aid at Sharp Hospital, “My responsibilities are to carry out exercise the therapist has for the patient. I clean equipment, ultrasound stem activity, and messages if necessary.”

What are your visions and aspirations for the future? “I definitely want to become a Physical Therapist and eventually open up my own clinical offices throughout San Diego County or where ever God takes me. Not only will they be clinics I want them to have a Christian based mission.”

What are your words of encouragement or advice for other students that are working to develop themselves professionally? “The work that you put in now may not seem like it is worth or it may just seem long and tedious but down the road it definitely pays off big time. So, definitely take advantage of every opportunity whether it looks good or not.”


Senior, Kinesiology Major,

How has Career Development helped you? “Career Services helped me with my resume for the internship that I really wanted. I got the internship! Career Services helped me with structure, re-wording sentences that made me standout. Personal branding was a huge factor, which led me to getting me the job that I wanted. I highly recommend it to the students.”

Job/Internship: Rehab United, “My responsibility is to show patients their stretches, and create a conversation to make my clients feel comfortable. I also job shadow the physical therapist as they demonstrate exercises. I also do random tedious responsibilities, such as cleaning tables, getting ice for the clients when there done with their rehab”.

What are your visions and aspirations for the future? “My vision is to get a job that I love, so I can put my whole heart into it. I want to make sure that I am making a difference wherever I am”.

What are your words of encouragement or advice for other students who are working to develop themselves professionally? “Go meet up with Career Services and get your resume and cover letter finished! Also, go practice your interview skills with them so that you can land that job or internship. Practicing the questions with Career Services will help you feel less nervous!”


Garrett, Communication Major,

How has Career Development helped you? “It has helped me realize that my professional world starts now, and I need to focus on what is coming up next for my life so I can have a clear direction of where I am heading. Through this I have found possible career opportunities that I could see myself doing in the near future”.

What are your words of encouragement or advice for other students who are working to develop themselves professionally? “Know that you need a plan and then put actions towards it instead of just staying where you are. “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” – Colossians 3:17

Student Veterans

“Civilian-Friendly” Resume

To be competitive for jobs and internships outside of the military, you will need to translate your military experiences and skills to civilian terms on your resume. 

Real Warriors provides step-by-step information on translating military experience to civilian employment on a resume.

Military Skill Translator is a tool by to help you translate your military assignments into civilian occupations.

Similarly to, has a tool for translating your military skills, experience, and training into that of a civilian.

Veteran-Specific Job Search Resources

Below are links to veteran-specific job boards.  During your job and internship search process, it’s not a good idea to rely only on job boards, but they can be a good resource if and when used effectively.  Use them to understand who is hiring? For what position? Where?  While you can still apply to those positions through the job boards, keep in mind that it would still be a good idea to contact the company directly regarding the position. 

Veterans Employment Center

Veteran Job Mission

Recruit Military

Hire A Hero

Hire Heroes USA 


MONSTER Veteran Employment Center



Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS)

Civilian Jobs

Job Opportunities for DisABLED Veterans

Veterans Enterprise 

Veteran Networking

LinkedIn Groups:

U.S.. Veterans

Military Network

The Value Of a Veteran

US Military Veterans Network

Schedule an Appointment for Student Veteran Specific Career Development Services.

Students with Disabilities

Whether your disability is visible or not, a recent change or a long-term condition, your participation in the workforce is in demand.  The Office of Career Development is here to empower you in your transition into the workplace.

Disability Resources Guide (ZIPPIA) 

From learning about laws that protect you, how to interview, to finding accommodating companies, here is a guide created by ZIPPIA to make things a little easier. Access here: Disability Resources Guide (ZIPPIA)




Job Accommodation

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN)  can help with questions about workplace accommodations, the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related disability legislation.

LimeConnect offers a wide range of opportunities for both students and alumni within the disability community.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): Fact Sheet for Job Applicants and the Americans with Disability Act: Know your Rights!

Job Search Resources

abilityJOBS The only employment site where 100% of posted jobs are from employers specifically seeking to hire people with disabilities.

AbilityLinks The leading web-based community for job seekers with disabilities and inclusive employers.

Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) This organization supports a national network of university-based programs for people with disabilities and their families. It also offers a free job board for employers interested in hiring people with disabilities.


Strength-based Disclose Example

I have a medical condition that sometimes interferes with my ability to ______. In a previous position, I found that __________ helped to minimize my problems in this area. I would like to discuss implementing a similar workplace accommodation here. I am confident that my experience, skills, and enthusiasm will enable me to perform the position of __________ successfully. I look forward to serving as a valuable member of your work team.

* Use “I” statements – “I think, I need, I feel”

Schedule an Appointment for Student with Disability Specific Career Development Services.


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