Leadership is a topic on the minds of many in the business world today. With a generation of senior managers retiring, organizations face the task of finding qualified leaders to replace them.

It’s reached a point where some feel there is a leadership crisis. Whether it’s a crisis or not is debatable. But what is certain is that qualified leaders are demand more than ever, including executives, managers and administrators.

Criminal justice is one of those areas where ethical, knowledgeable leadership is needed.

Degree programs in leadership often focus on specialization, preparing graduates to take on decision-making roles in a specific area of industry. At San Diego Christian College, the Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Criminal Justice offers graduates the expertise to work in three areas: criminal justice, political science and homeland security.

What You’ll Learn In a BS in Leadership Program

Justice covers all areas of law enforcement, the court systems, emergency management, security and corrections. The field is a large one, offering those with leadership abilities a wealth of opportunities to find the career that best fits their personal goals.

In all concentrations of the BS in Leadership and Criminal Justice, students learn to build common ground among diverse groups of people, practice reflective learning, use sound models for conflict analysis and foster collaborative efforts that result in constructive outcomes.

For those already employed in law enforcement and other justice fields, the online bachelor’s degree program expands on the skills they have acquired through experience.

Areas of Management

In all three concentrations in the BS in Leadership and Justice program, students learn to manage in five significant areas. They include management of:

• Attention. The ability to set direction with purpose, principles and vision
• Meaning. The ability to communicate direction clearly and effectively
• Trust. The ability to be a reliable, trustworthy and grounded leader
• Self. The ability to understand your own skills and how best to use them in interactions with others

Careers With a BS in Leadership and Justice

Justice covers all areas of law enforcement, the court systems, emergency management, security and corrections. It also includes counter-terrorism work, homeland security and taking an active, ethical role in political science.

In criminal justice and homeland security, jobs can include:

• Police Chief
• Corrections Officer Supervisor
• Supervisory Criminal Investigator
• Emergency Management Director
• Security Management
• A management position with U.S. Customs and Border Protection
• A management position with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

In political science, leadership positions can include those who directly work on policy initiatives, sometimes on the staffs of elected officials. Others may work in government agencies. Job titles include legislative assistant, policy analyst, political consultant or political campaign director.

Leadership skills are in demand in many industries, including criminal justice. For those who wish to make a difference in people’s lives, a degree in leadership and justice is worth your consideration.