Christlike Leadership Benefits


Did you know that 52% of people are not happy with their careers, and 76% of employees actively want to find opportunities for career growth? In a business environment that is becoming more and more competitive, this can make it hard to stand out among your peers.


In a world where financial and ethical scandals are being uncovered more and more often, ethical, principled, and compassionate leadership stands out. Leaders who are invested in their team’s success and always do the right thing, even when they could get away with taking a shortcut, are more important than ever.


Christian leadership can also benefit you in your personal life, and its qualities can help you build better relationships with your family, fellow church members, and your community. When you exhibit the selflessness and integrity of a Christlike leader, people learn they can trust you, and you set a positive example for your children and community members.


What does Christian leadership look like?


Christlike leadership, similar to servant leadership, is a type of leadership that is rooted in the Bible and the acts of Jesus himself. Instead of a leadership style that centers the self above all else, Christlike leadership centers on others. Whether you’re leading a project team at work or leading your family at home, you should always be thinking of how you can lift others up.


Christlike leaders are also empathetic and try to see things from other peoples’ perspectives. Leaders in business often are responsible for managing people and resources, and it’s important that they are always thinking of their team members first and being understanding of their experiences, struggles, and goals. In your personal life, you’ll likely encounter people from many different walks of life, and the best way to build relationships with them is to be willing to listen to their perspective and value their experience.


Honesty and integrity are also important traits of a Christian leader. It’s tempting to take shortcuts, shift blame, and obfuscate the truth when things aren’t going well. But a Christlike leader always acts with integrity and is honest with themselves and others, even when they have made a mistake. Being honest about your own shortcomings is another way to build trust with people and demonstrate that honesty is an important trait.


Finally, Christlike leaders are always humble. Leaders who operate with pride and put themselves first can’t be the empathetic and humble leaders they need to be to ensure success. Humility is the key to being able to put others first and embody the other traits of a Christian leader.


How Christian leadership differentiates you.


It’s fairly common for leaders in many organizations to be promoted through the ranks and become leaders because they are good at their jobs. Unfortunately, this can lead to managers showing a lack of benevolent qualities. 


Some studies have shown that people in positions of power are three times more likely to interrupt coworkers, not pay attention in meetings, raise their voices, and say unkind or insulting things to their colleagues and subordinates. In addition, 58% of organizations say it is their top priority to close the leadership skill gaps in their company.


Clearly, the lack of high-quality leadership is an issue that needs to be addressed.


Additionally, many programs purport to teach you how to be a leader but fall short when it comes to teaching you how to be an ethical, empathetic leader with integrity, despite the fact that those are some of the most important leadership traits. So, even among those who are educated in management or leadership, there is more of a focus on negotiation skills and managing workflows than building trust with your team and the ethics of leadership.


As a Christian leader, your sense of ethics, your unwavering honesty and integrity, your humility, and your empathy for those around you will make you stand out as a very different kind of leader, both to those above and below you on the organizational chart. Ultimately, it will help you build trust with the people you’re leading and your own leaders and help you stand out as a trustworthy colleague.


Becoming a Christlike leader at San Diego Christian College.


At San Diego Christian College, we integrate faith into all of our classes and programs, and especially our Masters of Science in Leadership. Whether you take it online or on campus, you will learn not only how to be an effective leader, but how to be an ethical, honest leader. We will prepare you to take on the challenges of leading with innovation and integrity in mind.


Our Masters of Science in Leadership degree is grounded in biblical principles, and each course is designed to instill in our students the importance of Christlike leadership and how to live that example every day at home and at work. 


Our program is designed for professionals. It can be done online or in the evenings, and it is ideal for those who want to move into leadership positions in their personal lives and in their careers. 


Christian leadership can help you do more than meet deadlines and stick to a budget; it can help you expand your leadership role at home, set a positive example for your family, and build meaningful and trusting relationships with the people in your life.


At San Diego Community College, our goal is to empower our students to be effective and empathetic leaders in every part of their lives. Visit our MSL program page to learn how to become a Christlike leader.