You’ve been there many times before, at the beginning of the trailhead, excited for the journey in front of you. Perhaps, though, that excitement isn’t something you feel for continuing your education. Instead, you may feel anxious, apprehensive, or overwhelmed. You may even be dragging your feet, wondering if working toward a degree is even worth it. But just like reaching the top of a mountain, getting your degree is worth the hard work.

The gear.
Before you begin any challenging venture, you will need the right equipment and a few snacks (chocolate chip cookies perhaps). SDCC will equip you with a second-to-none faculty, top-notch courses and a steadfast coach for every step along the way – you’ll have to provide the cookies though.

The sacrifice.
Just like when you spend the day soaking up the beautiful scenery some of life’s responsibilities wait back at home. You will have to make your education a main priority while putting a few things on the back burner. But the trade-off is well worth it.

The climb.
It’s going to be an uphill climb. It’s about putting one foot in front of the other and finding your stride. It’s reading the materials and getting your assignments handed in on time. Sure, you may take a misstep along the way, lose focus, or even feel like giving up. You will have to commit to hard work to succeed.

The pinnacle.
You will likely experience rugged trails and skinned knees, but you will make it to the top. And what a sweet victory it is. You’ve earned the sweeping views, the feeling of conquering the mountain. And once you’ve earned that degree, you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work: personal achievement, career success, and opportunity.

Many new adventures are fraught with elements of simultaneous apprehension and excitement. That’s perfectly normal. Don’t let the mountain in front of you stop you. Instead, partner with us and we’ll help you get to the top. Our goal is to make the experience, from start to finish, one that you summit with pride.

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