Impact People's Lives with a Psychology Degree


Becoming a psychologist gives you the opportunity to have a direct, powerful impact on the lives of those who need support. It can range from school children and families to employees in the workplace.


Earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology is typically the first step for those wanting to enter this fascinating profession. It can open the door to a wide variety of jobs in the field, all dealing with many of the latest issues impacting society.


The following looks at some of those career possibilities and the issues around them.


The Demand for Psychologists


Across the nation, federal projections call for 14% growth in the number of counseling psychologists by 2026.  The mean annual salary across the nation for all psychologist is $85,340, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Specific jobs can include:


  • Social Work Caseworker
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Director of Community Services


Here’s a closer look at some of the potential areas of employment for psychologists.


Substance Abuse Counselor


Counselors work with clients who have addictions to illegal substances such as cocaine and heroin as well as alcohol addiction. They work to help the patient deal with the causes of addiction, including recognizing “triggers’ that could cause them to use again. As with almost every job on this list, a substance abuse counselor needs a strong personality, empathy and a desire to help others who are often experiencing the darkest time of their lives.


Mental Health Counselor


In this role, you may work in a community center, nonprofit agency or with a government department. Counselors also work with those in low income or underserved communities. Patients often face great stress involving matters of money, violence and the illegal drug trade in their own neighborhoods.


School Psychologist


This is one of the most impactful jobs in psychology. Counselors can work with students at an early age when they can detect early signs of mental health issues and give the students the support they need to change their path. Psychologists work with those who are experiencing learning difficulties and behavioral disorders.


Human Resources


Companies increasingly want to hire people who understand the psychology behind employee actions and ways to motivate them to achieve their potential. Working in human resources, a psychologist can help develop programs to help bolster employee morale, identify problem areas within the company and even work with employees one-on-one on any issues they are experiencing.


In all these areas, psychologists will deal with emerging trends in psychology, including the idea of working to improve the lives of people in the workplace and beginning counseling early in life for those who show they are experiencing problems.


With the educational opportunities online, as well as a projected large number of job openings in the coming years, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology could prove the right move for those who want to dedicate their careers to helping others and impact lives.