Last weekend, SDC had the incredible opportunity to serve in our community for a conference we call IMPACT. Classes were canceled and SDC took on the
responsibility to serve others. We served at twenty different locations, making for an incredible amount of influence that our students, staff and faculty were able to leave on the community. We had over 280 students and 10 staff and faculty participate on specific service projects throughout the weekend.
We had teams who spent three days in Mexico at the Door of Faith Orphanage, Rosarito Safe House (Casa Del Jardín), and Rancho Sordo Mundo (a free home and school for deaf
Rancho Sordo Mundo
During our time at Rancho Sordo Mundo, our students were able to impact the ranch by completing various construction projects. On Saturday afternoon, SDC hosted a BBQ for the ranch where they served burgers and roasted s’mores. Every night our students played soccer right after dinner with the students at the ranch and they playing up until bedtime. A big highlight of the weekend for two SDC students was receiving sign names from the Deaf Students which is a huge honor. SDC is planning on returning back to Rancho Sordo Mundo for spring break to continue serving.

Door of Faith Orphanage
Our Door of Faith Orphanage Team got arrived Thursday evening and were able to learn about the history and impact of the orphanage. Friday morning, our team cooked breakfast for over 100 children at the orphanage, giving the cook staff a paid morning off and our team a chance to work their pancake flipping magic! The rest of Friday was spent playing with the kids at the orphanage. On Saturday our team was visited The Mission, an orphanage for special needs children and adults. Our students colored with the adults, cleaned, helped clear land, and played with the kids. Saturday night we had the honor of attending and serving at a Quinceañera (Sweet 15th Birthday celebration) for one of the girls who has been at the orphanage for 12 years.
Casa Del Jardín
Casa Del Jardín is a non-profit organization that offers a home for young girls who have been rescued from human trafficking. This ministry provides education and counseling by a full-time staff of caregivers, teachers, and counselors in order support them in the process of healing and restoration. SDC students gardened around the house with the girls. The second day at the safe house consisted of art therapy such as painting and crafts and they also had a BBQ dinner with the girls. Laughter and love was evident during this IMPACT trip despite the language barrier.
San Diego County
On Friday, November 3rd, SDC students met for a breakfast provided by California Costal Credit Union, then set out to serve in Santee and all over San Diego County! Our San Diego county sites included: Home of Guiding Hands, Edgemoor Hospital, Santee Success School, Jamboree Housing, St. Madeline Sophie center, Young Life, City of Santee, Father Joe’s village, SD Rescue Mission, Veterans Village of San Diego, Human and Sex Trafficking Ministry, Homeless outreach, SDC Home Base, Santee Caring Neighbors, SD Food Bank, Shadow Mountain: Encinitas and Greenfield Elementary school.


Students clothes may have been dusty and sweaty, but their hearts grew with compassion as they were exposed to so many different cultures and organizations that are in desperate need for help.
One student said, “This opportunity made me realize how much I actually have. Serving with IMPACT made me feel grateful for everything I have gotten to experience in life because some may not have the same opportunities that I have.”
Over the weekend, SDC students served a combined 28,000 hours of service but you can’t put a number on how much our students were impacted. We look forward to our next day of IMPACT — March 28th!