Master’s Vlog #9 is focusing on teachable moments. Our teacher called us to join in on an online discussion on Saturday morning. I appreciated two components of this invitation. One, that it was made at all, signified an outreach to students for clarity on their understanding of their first major course project. I have been in college courses online before where it was apparent that the teachers were not responsive, this has not been the case with San Diego Christian College. I am finding it very comforting to see that Professor Ague consistently requests that we reach out for questions, and even goes out of her way to hold an online meeting as a place for students to ask questions and get answers. Secondly, I appreciated the fact that the meeting was made optional, though encouraged. I appreciated this because I have already completed, shared, and even posted my project and felt very comfortable with the instructors guidance and requirements. For this reason, I was glad that we were not required to take time from our Saturday, unless we desired the assistance.


I took an extension from this invitation, and asked my students for feedback after our first semester together, which was also my first time teaching high school. They requested more collaboration and choice, and I gave that to them with a new development of project based learning that I designed. Asked, answered, and simply applied, thanks to my experiences this week at San Diego Christian College, in the Master’s of Arts in teaching program.


Challenges in the San Diego Christian College Program are one part assignments, one part discussion, and one part personal goals.  Each of us in the program have varying levels of teaching experience, and a wide range of classrooms and subject material. We are each trying to grow in different ways as professional teachers.


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