I am earning my Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching from San Diego Christian College, and am documenting the collection of my Action Research Data. In this video, I show you how we organize our action research, submit drafts to our Professor, and get feedback for revisions, in steps. This video is designed to reassure people who question how they could undertake such an in-depth capstone project. It becomes really manageable when done in pieces, and that is how the process is completed in San Diego Christian college, through the online portal. No need to be overwhelmed, this was very comforting as this final ED 650 Capstone Project opened up.

This data has all been collecting, and I am organizing data tables to inform my readers about the conclusions made in the collection process. My action research is focused on whether or not the investment of time spent listening to a review podcast has a correlation to assessment performance. I collected four points of assessment data. I decided to organize the data based on three class groups. I plotted the scores of students in each group, on each assessment. I used dates, scores, and the topics. Then I organized the data a second way, as a collective comparison between scores when a podcast was available, and scores when a podcast was not available.

This arrangement of data was initially helpful. I added columns to show when the podcast was, and was not available. This made the conclusion of the data more clear.

For more information please visit https://sdcc.edu/graduate/master-arts-teaching/