In this week’s Master’s Vlog for San Diego Christian College, I will share my self-evaluation as a professional teacher seeking improvement in alignment with California’s Standards for the Teaching Profession.

In the video I will analyze the importance of reflecting as an educator, and seeking out ways to improve.
Standard 2: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning – 3 (Maturing).
I enjoy improving as a high school teacher. It is my first year teaching high school and I am always tinkering with the environment to make a dynamically changing classroom environment, while leaving in-tact the foundations of learning and effective instruction. This includes alternating forms of instruction, multimedia, interactive elements, and student collaborations. It is a strength, but a developing strength, that I hope and plan to continually refine to find the best methods for each group. Myclassroom supports social development, a caring community, a frequent use of participation from students, and a quick-pace that keeps instruction interesting.

Standard 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning – 4 (Experienced)
I mix my practices weekly. Even now as I am planning and responding to my ED602 class, I opened up a new tab in my internet browser to start a new worksheet for students about the highest paid baseball player, enabling me to use current events, pop culture, and California standards, to vary material and refresh the topics we discuss. This brings subject matter and learning to outside the classroom events. I like connecting content to current experiences (CSTP 3.2). I select instructional strategies to represent the material in an interesting way (CSTP 3.3). I enjoy challenging students to think critically about the content we study (CSTP 3. 4). This CSTP is a strength for me that I spend a lot of hours investing time into my plans to develop and carry out.

Standard 6: Developing as a Professional Educator – 3 (Maturing)

I am working daily to become a more professional educator. It is the number one time investment I have during the week. I even spend a lot of time focusing on this here in my Master’s Degree program, and in my Master’s Degree vlog. I hope to remain humble in this category and always see room for improvement in my career.

I reflect on my instructional strategies often, maybe even overly analyzing the methods in which I plan, because I desire my classes to feel varied and dynamic through the months of the school year (CSTP 6.1). I seek out new materials and primary sources to enhance my lessons (CSTP 6.2). I seek out collaboration weekly from colleagues inside, and outside of my department (CSTP 6.3). I want to do a better job reaching out to parents and sending more positive notes home on a regular basis to build community (CSTP 6.4). I also have the goal of booking online interviews for my students to interact and ask questions about what we are studying (CSTP 6.5). I think as I mature as a teacher I will also find new ways of demonstrating integrity and leading by example in the classroom.

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