This year I was a full-time Social Studies teacher in high school while simultaneously working towards earning my Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching from San Diego Christian College. It was manageable. You can do it. Having a consistent schedule, calendar reminders, and a plan for your action research project can all help you be effective.

I just watched my first class of graduating seniors walk out the door. The school year feels like a big success, and I enjoyed the parting words I got to share with them to help them be successful as they walk out into their adult lives.

As a teacher, I found that having time for teaching and planning should be separate from learning time. I set aside days of the week and kept to that schedule and focus. This allowed me to limit the cross investment of hours, or borrow hours from one to the other. Each day had a set strategy, and that amount of discipline saved me from a lot of worry or jumping around too much.

In this video I talk about my feelings at the end of my first year of teaching high school. I also discuss how the program at San Diego Christian College is helping me formulate myself as a more professional educator. I am learning more about time management and how I can successfully plan for all the tasks necessary to complete the objectives of the Master’s Program. The online flexibility of this program is essential to being able to maintain my balance. 

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