In Master’s Degree Vlog #14, take a look at my second ethical analysis assignment on the subject of boundaries within teacher-student relationships. The nature of interaction between students and teachers is as important now as it has ever been. I find that positive relationships with my students promote welcoming and inviting classroom environments. I also think that having a friendly disposition with my students also creates an atmosphere that invites learning and participation.


I certainly understand that ethical boundaries, issues, and questions will arise as a teacher is planning their role of instructor and how they will manage a classroom. I explore some of those questions in this narrated slideshow presentation. This is the second presentation in my Ed 601 course at San Diego Christian College.


I discuss the motivational importance of success in my classroom. I feel successful only when my students feel successful. That is not the only emotion I feel that is shared during our class time. I like to incorporate humor, anecdotes from personal experience, and historical context to the discussions that we have. I also invite deep critical thinking from my students, as a way of helping everyone learn.


In the video, about 2:30 from the start, I explore the importance of being polite, while still creating engaging lessons that appeal to students, and setting boundaries within a controlled environment where learning can happen. With this systematic approach, students know there are rules, but still leaves a limitless ceiling of interaction and comfort with each other, and with myself, knowing that our experiences of learning and speaking together can unlock understanding and learning that meets state standards, and expands to many additional layers of educational accomplishment. I hope you enjoy my second presentation in the Master’s of Arts in Teaching Program at San Diego Christian College.

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