In Master’s Vlog #20 I begin my second class from San Diego Christian College online: ED 602: Community Partnerships in Multicultural Education. I respond in real-time to a previous post made by my colleague online about how to celebrate diversity and holidays without simple food and short summaries. We discuss a few ways to bring diversity into the classroom in a richer way that you can apply in your classroom or community. Our Professor lined up some excellent resources for reflection, including a quiz on equity and diversity, and one on classism. Both are eye opening, challenging, and will press the respondent to really consider how much we know about the world around us.

After reviewing a portion of the quiz, I demonstrate a way to use quick writing and discussion to bring personal perspectives into the start of a classroom session or activity. I break down some of the videos content, homework, and quizzes of my Master’s Program from San Diego Christian College. I walk through some of the real examples that I am using from my class to increase the diversity of my classroom. This ten minute video gives you a real-life insight into the coursework as I progress and can give you an idea of the benefits and flexibility of this online Master’s Program from San Diego Christian College.

I really liked the comment of a classmate, so I decided to reflect and post live on microphone. See what it is like to be a student in the middle of the learning experience online. I hope this will be a preview of a program you might like to experience and learn from as well.

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