In my Master’s Vlog #12, I discuss the developing rapport and support of my classmates through continued conversations in our online discussion boards. Rapport is building between students, and you can sense the development of relationship and support that is supplied in comments on our assignments and discussions. I know there are three students who offer me thoughtful, considerate feedback, the same day that I leave it. More comments arrive during the week, and you get a full and rounded view of your own work that helps us think and plan outside the box. I find lots of students share that wealth and positivity, while still offering constructive notes for the growth of our overall performance, research, and evaluations.


I also get my first grade from my Professor, and review my rubric live while I Vlog!


In today’s video I share a few responses to my first project, and how I used their feedback to adjust my work in my Master’s of Arts in Teaching program, and in my classroom.


I have been engaging with my fellow students about a variety of challenging situations that can arise as teachers. These teachable moments don’t always have to be internalized and sources of personal discomfort outside of school. Something nice about the San Diego Christian College Master’s Program online, is that we have the time to sit at our keyboards, synthesize events and case studies, offer our own thoughts, and then add to multiple perspectives surrounding our issues with possible pathways towards solutions. The group decision making online is more independent, and less “group thinking”, that often would take shape in a classroom when an opinion leader is echoed by other students sitting around them. This week I shared excerpts for Math and cultural teaching opportunities.


I’m enjoying the overall interactions, reading, and ease of holding conversations at your own pace and schedule, which is both rewarding and flexible.


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