In my Master’s Vlog #16, my investment in research, reflection and ethics paid off when I was given the chance to share my learning with my colleagues. This week we had professional development time at school. Teachers in my school’s Social Studies Department grouped together to share some best practices.Some of my veteran teaching colleagues mentioned that their students had mentioned interactions with me from the classroom that had left an impression on them. I was asked about the kinds of student-teacher relationships that I had been developing.


During our discussion, I talked about how the year had been developing in my classroom as a first-year high school teacher. I told them how my Master’s of Arts in Teaching Degree at San Diego College requires me to post twice a week. In order to provide a worthwhile, and valuable post, I need to consider the thoughts, research, and ethical considerations of my colleagues. This routine exercise helped me reflect on the perspective of my students. When I put myself in the shoes of my students, I was able to better consider what would interest them. Furthermore, I thought about ways to liven up the activities, enhancements, and humor incorporated into my teaching to keep things lively and enjoyable.


Sharing this news with my team, I feel like I sparked some innovation and creativity. At the very least In introduced some exciting new conversation, life, and research that would benefit my colleagues and my school environment. The Master’s Program is refreshing my own thinking, my reflections on my teaching, and my approach to planning. This is enabling me to think on my feet, practice what I am saying in online discussions, and use ideas I receive from my online colleagues to actually improve the practices of my physical colleagues. The whole environment is leading to an environment of sharing and collaboration that has real-world applications.

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