In Master’s Vlog #29, I explore the benefit of community partnerships for students. This is in preparation for my final research paper of my ED602 class about Partnerships for Multicultural Education. I will show you my final research paper for this class. I will also share some of the insights from Brentwood, CA, and how local community partnerships are enhancing the education of high school students.

I compared events and partnerships in my local community to California initiatives, and international efforts, to helping students develop career pathways and on the job shadowing of local government workers. This partnership builds relationships and the feeling of belonging and commitment to the communities of local students.

The benefit of developing future leaders also can not be understated. Students who generate higher levels of responsibility are also increasing their capacity to serve and find solutions for problems larger than themselves. This effort makes students more effective, responsive, and aware.
In reflecting on the success of the Youth Commission of Brentwood, and similar cities in the United States, I think more cities should foster partnerships with high school students. Creating a unity and a respect for government will help young citizens to feel empowered and connected to their communities. There is evidence, talking to my students who participated, that they feel a greater sense of connection and belonging to the community. This creates a feeling of responsibility for the welfare and well-being of the city and its citizens. I know that some of my students have gone on to write follow-up messages and correspondence with city officials to make suggestions and bring ideas back to school to get more volunteers on the civic level. The overall benefit is dually felt, and the dividends will be paid for years to come to the city and pro-social development of students.
I enjoyed doing this research, and seeing some work from my students about their hometown, which you will see in this week’s video.

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